Convenience Store Coolers

KPS Global has provided convenience stores with walk-in coolers and freezers for over 75 years. Offering a wide range of customized convenience store solutions including walk-in coolers, walk-in freezers, beer caves and more, KPS Global has the ability to provide unrivaled solutions for our customers.

Leveraging unmatched experience and top-notch design and engineering services, KPS Global provides custom-built solutions for your exact needs.

Because KPS Global walk-ins are built to spec, you can optimize your store’s footprint for maximum selling space.KPS Global designs manufactures and installs a wide range of convenience store cold storage solutions including: 


…and much more.

With the ability to customize our convenience store coolers finish, shelving, and configurations, KPS Global provides walk-in coolers and freezer that not only meet specifications but exceeds expectations. 

Leveraging years of experience and expert design and engineering services, KPS Global provides custom-build solutions for any convenience store need. 

Convenience store coolers are not a one size fit all solution. As customer behaviors have changed so have the layout of many convenience stores.

To align with customer behaviors, KPS Global designs and manufactures walk-in coolers with custom configurations.

We do this through our team of in-house designers and engineers who have the experience needed to meet all project requirements. 

With KPS Global you will have peace of mind knowing your convenience store coolers will be set up for success.

Walk in coolers and freezers are at the heart of convenience stores. While similar, walk in freezers require different components to operate appropriately. 

Although convenience stores typically don’t require walk in freezers for high turnover products, often a walk in cooler is needed for ice storage. 

KPS Global follows all Department of Energy Standards to ensure  your bagged ice stays frozen. 

With a variety of display doors, shelving and sizes available, KPS Global has the right solution for your walk in freezer need.

KPS Global provides convenience store beverage coolers for a wide range of brands you know and trust. These coolers provide refrigerated environments for sodas, energy drinks, water bottles and more. 

Our experience has ensured optimized designs through our team of in house design and engineering teams that deliver a superior experience.

Well designed convenience store beverage coolers allow for easily accessible merchandising and restocking while maintaining optimal temperature.

The team at KPS Global are experts at designing and installing convenience store beverage coolers that are tailored to exact customer requirements.

Add another enticing element to your convenient store with a beer cave from KPS Global.

KPS Global specializes in crafting customized, customer-facing beer caves.

Using in house engineering and design teams, KPS Global elevates convenience stores with unrivaled solutions for beer caves.

Utilizing customized options like doors, windows, shelving, etc. KPS Global designs one of a kind beer caves that your customers will love. 

Need a beer cooler for your convenience store? KPS Global has the right solution for you. 

From custom designs and configurations to standard coolers, KPS Global provides convenience store beer coolers in a variety of options to meet and exceed any convenience store specifications.


As a leader in walk-in coolers and freezers, KPS Global is vendor agnostic and provides the best convenience store solutions. Working with a variety of industry leading vendors to customize solutions for specific project needs ensures a streamlined solution for complex products. 

KPS Global Regularly evaluates supplies for quality, on-time delivery, performance and cost competitiveness to provide only the highest standard of service. 

With trusted vendors, insulated panels that are proven to perform, and teams of in-house experts KPS Global is sure to be the best choice for any convenience store solutions.


KPS Global makes customizing your projects easy. Our teams have ample experience designing custom walk-ins with even the toughest of requirements. When designing custom walk-ins, our teams create optimal designs according to customer specifications and storage requirements to best fit the need of the project.

Customizations for convenience store walk-ins include:

  • Panel thickness: 3-1/2”, 4” and 5”.
  • Refrigeration: ½ HP to 80 HP units are available from a variety of manufacturers
  • Shelving: Maximize the amount of product you can fit into your walk-in cooler with various shelving options, such as gravity-fed or adjustable.
  • Lighting: Select from many features—wattage, voltage, wireless controls, foot candles and more.
  • Doors: We offer many different door types with anti-fog glass or humidity controls.
  • Alarms: Get alerts regarding temperature controls with mounted alarm sensors.
  • Finishes: Pick from an array of options that best fit your store’s branding (from natural to stainless and even paintable).


If you find your convenience store cooler in need of a replacement part, KPS Global’s aftermarkets parts department has you covered including replacement doors and door parts, strip curtains, batten strips, liner panels and more.


When it comes to supplying the components needed to outfit your walk-in, KPS Global is vendor agnostic. With buying power and relationships in place, KPS Global provides the best solution for your needs. KPS Global works with a variety of high-quality vendors to offer customized solutions for your specific project needs. We regularly evaluate our supplies for quality, on time delivery and cost competitiveness.


KPS Global sources custom shelving for convenience store walk in coolers to improve organization, storage cleanliness, equipment efficiency and more.

Our shelving enhances food and beverage safety from pests and other contaminants by removing products from walk-in floors. This not only decreases the risk of contamination but also makes cleaning your walk in cooler easier and more efficient.

Custom Shelving also enhances the performance of your coolers’ refrigeration unit by allowing proper air circulation throughout the unit keeping your items cooled to proper temperatures.


Customizations extend beyond the build out of the box at KPS Global. From automatic sliding doors for beer caves, to display screen doors for reach in coolers and everything in between. We offer a variety of door options to ensure all needs are met.


KPS Global provides custom solutions for walk in beer coolers and freezers including custom configurations. Regardless of the size, style or shape KPS Global has the abilty to design a beer cooler for any configuration. 

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