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3 Design Considerations to Make Before Installing Beer Caves

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Year after year, convenience shops continue to top the charts in beer sales. While that may be because they’re easily accessible to many who purchase various things, including beer, there is one way they shelve their beers that no one else does: beer caves.

Have you ever heard of beer caves? They’re essentially large walk-in coolers that allow employees to store the drinks and to restock the shelves. All the while, they remain connected, meaning that the drink stays cold until it leaves the store. This is a considerable benefit over purchasing room-temperature beer, which, let’s be honest here, tastes horrid, especially if you’re craving a drink on the spot.

Are you interested in installing a beer cave at your store? Here are some design considerations to make:

1. Select the Right Size

Remember, you’re just a small convenience store, and each square foot of space you have is precious to you. That said, beer caves are great for the fact that you can have them custom-designed to fit your store.

Not only will the right size mean that you still have plenty of space to sell other items while still being able to offer a lot of drinks to choose from, but that customers can easily access these shelves and find exactly what they want.

At the same time, with a big enough beer cave, you can ensure that your stock isn’t in the pathway of the customers, making it easier for them to move around looking for what they want.

2. Reconsider Glass Doors

If you were thinking about installing glass doors to add to the customer experience of being able to see the drinks, you might have to reconsider. If you’re located in an environment that’s particularly warm or deals with humid weather quite often, glass doors will end up with plenty of condensation.

Condensation and glass just do not go together. Not only does it hurt the aesthetics of your perfectly shelved bottles, but it’ll be annoying for customers, as they will be unable to see into the fridge to purchase what they want.

3. Think About Energy Efficiency

Also, if you’re using glass doors, or any type of door for that matter, to access these drinks, be wary that it will be open quite often, especially if you have many customers. This can cause the equipment to work harder to keep the ambient temperature cool, meaning that you’ll end up paying a hefty electrical bill by the end of the month.

What does this mean for you? You will need to come up with a shelving design that’ll not only be convenient but energy-saving as well. While the frequent door opening might mean you’re making more sales, you don’t want all that to be dumped into the energy bill.

Wrapping Up

Beer caves are walk-in coolers that are a great way to store drinks that you sell. They don’t only act as storage areas for more stocks of different beverages, but they also keep the drinks cold. They also offer shelving within the entire walk-in cooler, allowing the drinks to be on display and stay cold. Take into consideration what we’ve shared above, and you’ll be able to come up with a design that is convenient for customers and your employees and is energy efficient.

Looking to install a beer cave? Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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