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Equipment Enclosures

See KPS Global in a Way You’ve Never Seen It Before

KPS Global® is unique in many ways. From experienced employees to five factories, we are a leading name in our industry. However, unless you know ...
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Walkin Freezer Installation
Installation Services

20 Frequently Asked Questions When Installing KPS GLOBAL® Walk-in Panels

A few weeks ago, we wrote a blog answering some of the top questions we receive before the installation of KPS Global panels. For part two ...
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Steps to Take After a Natural Disaster to Evaluate Damage to Walk-in Cooler or Freezer

Natural disasters, like hurricanes, floods, or tornadoes, can be overwhelming to respond to. Not only can they be dangerous to you, but they can be ...
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FORT WORTH, TX; May 28, 2024 — KPS Global® is excited to announce the opening of a new Innovation Center located near their corporate headquarters ...
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