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Scientific Applications

What Are Environmental Test Chambers and What Are They Used For?

Environmental test chambers are used to examine how products perform under specific (often extreme) conditions. By controlling the environment, these test chambers can mimic various …

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Jeff Monroe Podcast

Cooler News Podcast: Commodity Pricing Update

After a pause in consumption in 2020, demand is up, impacting stock and supply around the world. Jeff Monroe said that demand is strong, and …

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Aftermarket Parts

Sourcing Industrial Freezer Parts

Industrial freezers are long-term investments that, like other expensive equipment, requires maintenance over the years to keep them functioning as expected. KPS Global understands the …

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Walk-in Freezer

Why Use Commercial Walk-In Fridges?

Walk-in fridges are large, insulated, enclosed spaces used to store perishable goods in a controlled environment.  They keep products chilled while safely preserving raw, cooked, …

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