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Image of insulated metal panels showcasing mineral wool imp
Cold Storage

Comparing Insulated Metal Panels: A Comprehensive Guide

Insulated metal panels, also commonly known as IMPs, are popular within many applications and industries for cold storage warehouses. With varying insulated metal panel types to ...
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Equipment Enclosures

Equipment Enclosure Door Options

Doors on equipment enclosures help with insulation, fireproofing, and easy access for loading and unloading equipment. There are two door options commonly used for equipment ...
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Chilling Scenes of Walk-in Freezers and Coolers In Horror Movies

Monsters under the bed? We think not. But better check your walk-in freezers and coolers. As Halloween approaches, with fright and scare, you better beware ...
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Outdoor walk in cooler with a membrane roof. Metal free standing building with a rubber roof used to hold contents that require temperature control.

The Difference Between Outdoor and Indoor Walk-In Coolers

When it comes to cold storage solutions, outdoor walk-in coolers and indoor walk-in coolers each offer unique advantages catering to different needs. Outdoor walk-in coolers ...
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