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Our Field Operations Custom Services department can support you in the field if you are experiencing issues with your walk-in coolers and freezers. With experienced techs, KPS Global can survey your jobsite to diagnose and recommend a treatment plan to address issues you may be experiencing. From door replacements to heater wires or icing and condensation issues, field service technicians can diagnose issues that are present on existing equipment or determine what new/replacement equipment may be needed. From refrigeration to concrete or plumbing lines, KPS Global can diagnose and oversee the necessary repairs leveraging a network of contractors.

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If your walk-in has immediate repairs, you should make a service call but for planned work, KPS Global Field Operations Custom Services department is the best call to make for customized service solutions.

At KPS Global we are proud to be a trusted solution in the industry. Providing customized solutions is a part of who we are, and we have designed our field operations department the same way. Call us today to connect with our experienced field techs who can assist you with your project needs.

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