Restore Your Walk-In

KPS Global® offers several options to restore your walk-in. On average, the lifespan of a walk-in cooler or freezer is between 10-15 years, but the amount of wear and tear a unit experiences over time can shorten that lifespan. Extend the life of your existing walk-in by restoring the look and performance of the unit.

Restore Solutions for Your Walk-in

Even if meticulously kept up to date with routine maintenance, a typical walk-in will probably not perform as well as it used to. You may notice higher energy bills or quicker food spoilage as your unit struggles to maintain temperature. Condensation, frost and ice buildup has possibly occurred. The doors, walls and floors of the walk-in likely look worn, dented and damaged due to heavy use.

While this may seem like your walk-in cooler or freezer is ready to be replaced, you may not have the budget or ability to immediately purchase an entirely new unit. KPS Global can easily restore any brand of walk-in to help extend the life of your unit until you are ready to replace it with a newer version. Our team can handle any size job and will help coordinate the entire process from finding the best solution for your walk-in to complete installation services.

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Restore Your Walk-In

Batten Strips

KPS Global batten strips are a simple, cost-effective solution for resealing the panel joints of your walk-in cooler or freezer.

In addition to enhancing the appearance of your walk-in, batten strips also serve as a protective barrier that strengthens the overall thermal performance of your unit.

While batten strips can be mounted internally or externally,
an external application is most effective in keeping warm air and
condensation out of the walk-in’s joints.

Before After
Before After

Thermal Liner Panels

Thermal Liner Panels act as an insulated wallpaper that installs over the interior or exterior panels of your walk-in cooler or freezer.

Unlike other competitive methods of relining your unit, KPS Global’s Thermal Liner Panels improve both the overall look of your walk-in and the R-value insulation properties of the entire unit.

Walk-In Doors

If your current walk-in door needs to be replaced, KPS Global provides replacement doors that are manufactured to fit any brand of walk-in on the market. Our custom doors overlap the panels of your existing walk-in to ensure proper fit and seal and are made to order with a variety of options.
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Restore Walk-in Floor


The heavy traffic of constantly loading and unloading product can cause significant wear and tear to the flooring of your walk-in.

KPS Global provides a range of solutions to improve the look and performance of your floor, from basic resurfacing to dropping in a completely new floor.

Replacement Parts

Replacing a few parts on your walk-in cooler or freezer can drastically improve the performance and look of your unit. KPS Global offers a wide variety of replacement equipment and aftermarket parts, including OEM parts for the most widely used applications.