KPS Global® has a long history of providing custom solutions for a variety of industries including foodservice applications, including restaurants, central kitchens, ghost kitchens, stadiums, universities, hotels and more! Commercial walk-in coolers and freezers are designed to store and keep your perishable items at safe temperatures until you’re ready to cook, reheat or serve them.

You are not limited to nominal sizes with KPS Global. We recognize foodservice and kitchen space is valuable and with the help of our team, you can maximize the revenue-generating space with a custom walk-in cooler and walk-in freezer configuration.

Our experienced in-house designers handle special space and construction considerations and design plans to meet exact specifications for your project. Engineering teams evaluate wind, seismic, snow and other structural loads to ensure design integrity for project specific applications. We solve all the project design complexities with ease.

Product Walk-ins

KPS Global offers cooler and freezer combinations, indoor and outdoor walk-ins and custom-built units to take full advantage of your foodservice space. Our foodservice walk-ins are built to last, even in commercial kitchens that face high levels of traffic, and are available with a variety of additional components:

  • Cam-Lock or Lock
  • Flushmount or Inset or FRP Doors
  • Shelving
  • Refrigeration
  • Controls
  • Antimicrobial coating
  • View Ports
  • Ramps
  • Variety of Metal Finishes

KPS Global delivers walk-ins in a non-wood construction that meet NSF requirements.


Walk-in coolers and freezers are a critical component in the kitchen, and you have to have the right refrigeration system to ensure efficient operations. KPS Global provides recommendations on sizing from test fit plans.

Bringing our teams in early allows us to do load calculations and make recommendations on the size of the unit(s). From there, KPS Global provides spec sheets from the manufacturers for utility information to assist with mechanical and electrical drawings.

From remote, self-contained, or hybrid units, KPS Global is vendor agnostic to help you find the right solution. KPS Global knows cold storage for foodservice jobs. Call us for your next project.

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