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KPS Global® insulated panels provide a cost-effective solution to maintain a stable environment for sensitive, high-technology testing equipment. The panel systems are modular for ease of assembly with interlocking tongue-and-groove perimeter panels and available in 3½”, 4” and 5” thickness. Double bulb compression gaskets are standard and panels are made of solid core, poured-in-place urethane insulation (with a density of 2.2 pounds per cubic foot) to ensure superior performance and low operating costs. The urethane also meets the ignition properties requirements of ASTM D-1929 and is CFC free.

  • Applications in the scientific community include:
  • Controlled Environment Rooms
  • Scientific Chambers
  • Growth Chambers
  • Pharmaceutical Testing Facilities
  • Humidity-Controlled Dry Rooms
  • Clean Rooms
  • Lab Rooms
  • Dry Rooms
  • Stability Chambers
  • Archival Storage
  • Data Centers
  • Vehicle Test Chambers


KPS Global insulated panels are constructed of INSULFRAME™ High-Density Rail (HDR) urethane frames in 3½”, 4” or 5” thickness. Panels are fastened with the cam-lock system to ensure a tight seal. Metal clad surfaces, designed to your specifications and with tongue and groove frames, are joined with a cam-lock that allows for easy and fast on-site modular assembly. All panel systems are designed as single or multi-compartment chambers that can be modified easily. Non-wood construction available.


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