KPS Global® insulated panels provide a cost-effective solution to maintain a stable environment for sensitive, high-technology testing equipment.

Expert Tip ImageScientific environmental chambers must meet exact requirements to keep sensitive research safe. Insulated panel systems for scientific cold storage manufactured by KPS Global are designed to accommodate vigorous environmental requirements–including those of scientific cold rooms used in multiple areas of critical scientific research.
KPS Global®️ specializes in tailoring insulated panels for scientific applications, providing precise control of environmental conditions. Our offerings include insulated panels for scientific chambers, blood banks, clean rooms, cold rooms, data centers and more.
While insulated panels are an important component, they are not the only element. Scientific applications require unique customizations depending on their intended use. KPS Global manufactures custom insulated panel systems to withstand the strict temperature
and humidity requirements to meet all project specifications.
Our ability to customize, coupled with our team of skilled engineers, enables us to manufacture insulated panels for scientific applications that align with safety standards and project specifications.

Panel Construction

KPS Global insulated panels are constructed of INSULFRAME™ High-Density Rail (HDR) urethane frames in 3½”, 4” or 5” thickness. Panels are fastened with the cam-lock system to ensure a tight seal. Metal clad surfaces, designed to your specifications and with tongue and groove frames, are joined with a cam-lock that allows for easy and fast on-site modular assembly. All panel systems are designed as single or multi-compartment chambers that can be modified easily. Non-wood construction available.

cam-lock system breakdown for insulated metal panels
Indoor chamber blueprint

Vaccine Storage

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many healthcare organizations have been tasked with a challenge: to figure out the best strategy for vaccine cold storage.

Not only are the freezer units needed to store these vaccines at ultra-cold temperatures expensive to procure, but many units on the market are smaller than what is needed to store the large amounts of the vaccines essential for the community. Although healthcare organizations have the cold temperature capabilities for proper vaccine storage, the scale of vaccine cold storage needed is the main issue.

To resolve this issue, companies can expand their freezers and refrigerators into larger walk-in areas, as opposed to small, reachable spaces. This allows healthcare providers to keep many vaccines on hand for the public. KPS Global’s solutions can help with this, thanks to their unique design. Each vaccine cold storage unit can be customized for space available, while its interlocking panels make it easy to put together and install.

Grow Rooms

Agricultural grow rooms require a controlled environment, which requires specific temperature and humidity controls. KPSG offers custom panel solutions (from sizes to panel finishes) for scientific chambers and controlled environment rooms. KPSG provides affordable grow room construction with panels that provide thermal protection from the heat generated from growing conditions. In addition, vapor tight construction protects against cross pollination in thermal chambers. All panels are UL certified.

Temporary Modular Systems

KPS Global® manufactures pre-designed, modular building structures that are easily assembled and disassembled. They provide an optimal solution for emergency response situations, like temporary hospitals. These units are constructed of insulated metal panels which provide an economical and flexible, high-performance building system. Once the need has passed, the units can be easily disassembled.

Temporary modular hospitals can be designed as single- or multi-compartment chambers where temperature, humidity, and environmental conditions can be easily controlled due to our solid core, poured-in-place polyurethane insulation. With several configuration options and the ability to be indoor or outdoor units, they can be used for a variety of applications:

• Intake rooms
• Screening rooms
• Examinations rooms
• Waiting rooms
• Triage areas
• Negative pressure rooms
• Mortuary coolers
• Morgue Units

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