KPS Global® has depended on the ingenuity and dedication of its people in order to succeed. A lot has changed over the years with various acquisitions, but the individuals make us who we are today. Today, KPSG currently operates over 725,000 combined square feet of manufacturing space across five plants that are strategically located throughout the country to quickly and reliably provide customers with superior, American-made products. KPS Global has over 800 hard-working employees who serve as the backbone of the organization.

Together at KPS Global we create a modern culture of excellence for our employees in which our teams are rewarded for creativity and innovation.

What you’ll learn from working at KPS Global is that what sets us apart from other panel manufacturers is, quite simply, our people. You’ll find that our leadership team has years of experience and serves as incredible resources to provide training, guidance and support in all departments throughout the organization. Our team is formed by individuals who believe in others and are motivated to drive positive change, inspire innovation and create sustainable initiatives.

At the end of the day, the quality of the product our customers receive is made possible by our employees.

KPS Global is an essential company tasked with building and maintaining the integrity of the cold chain.  Whether that be for safe, efficient food storage and distribution, or for the temperature-controlled environment needed to test, store and distribute lifesaving medications or vaccines during a pandemic.  Our latest new products have received global recognition for our ability to increase the integrity and efficiency of the cold chain, all the while being more sustainable and more friendly to our environment.

Every employee at KPS Global is a critical component of building walk-in coolers and delivering the best possible finished product. Apply to join our team today!