Outdoor Walk-Ins

KPS Global is an industry leader of outdoor walk-ins. Regardless of your application need, we have a solution for you.

With more than 75 years in the industry, the team at KPS Global has the industry knowledge to provide an outdoor walk in to meet your business need. 

All outdoor walk-ins by KPS Global are designed and reviewed by our in house engineers to ensure all building and local code requirements are met including seismic requirements and wind and snow loads.

Outdoor walk in cooler with a membrane roof. Metal free standing building with a rubber roof used to hold contents that require temperature control.
Outdoor metal building used to store and protect items from environments

Looking For Equipment Enclosures?


Outdoor walk in coolers provide space saving options by moving temperature controlled products to an outdoor structure designed to handle environmental conditions regardless of location. KPS Global outdoor walk in coolers not only provide an aesthetically pleasing appeal but offer strength and protection through structural components such as internal framing. These are offered in configurations specific to your designs, catering to all specifications as needed.

Utilizing a urethane insulation, KPS Global outdoor walk in coolers offer the highest R-value in the industry.

Outdoor walk in coolers by KPS Global are a customized solution and are offered in wood frame and non-wood frame options.
Outdoor walk in freezers from KPS Global are designed to spec with each unit custom built to any specification.

Our in house team of designers and engineers take all design considerations and DOE guidelines. These considerations include:
1. Floor panels or insulated floors
2. Heat Vents
3. Heated Doors and Sweeps
4. R-Value
5. Membrane or Standing Seam Weather Roof Assemblies

KPS Global offers three panel types for outdoor walk in freezers:
1. Woodframe


KPS Global offers outdoor combo boxes to offer a solution for all of your outdoor walk in cooler and freezer needs in one convenient unit.

KPS Global offers customizes solutions for outdoor combo boxes. Customizations include size, configuration and color.
KPS Global is a custom solution provider for outdoor walk ins. Our team of in house designers and engineers work together to evaluate project specifications to build your project regardless of the complexity.
KPS Global walk-ins are built to suit and meet all project needs. Our outdoor walk ins can be customized with either a standing seam metal roof or membrane roof. Customizations based on site location and use includes: frame types, panel thickness, floor options, door options, lighting, shelving and windows.


KPS Global offers industry leading lead times for outdoor walk ins leveraging our five strategically located plants.

Having multiple locations across the country KPS Global offers redundancy to protect our customers against unexpected delays at a single manufacturing location. 


KPS Global is the leading provider of custom outdoor walk-ins offering a wide range of customizations to meet any project spec. 

Metal Finishes

KPS Global provides outdoor walks ins in a variety of metals and materials depending on application need including:

  1. Aluminum
  2. Aluminum Zinc Oxide
  3. Stainless Steel

Depending on the location and metal type, the finish and color may vary.

For outdoor walk-ins, KPS Global utilizes coated metal to prevent the metal from oxidizing. KPS Global metal finish options include white and tan but can supply customized colors on request.

KPS Global also offers mesa profiles for outdoor walk-ins to help protect the unit from the expansion and contraction of components caused by outdoor elements. While not required, is highly recommended throughout the industry.

Expert Tip Image

We recommend light, natural colors for outdoor walk ins to prevent the absorption of heat onto the panel.

Roof Options

KPS Global offers roof options for outdoor walk ins  to properly protect your units from varying weather conditions. Weather roof options for outdoor walk ins are either standing seam metal roofs or membrane roofs. 

Outdoor walk in roofs include glue, termination bars, or both. Our standard membrane weather roof assemblies come in a variety of colors including standard white, tan and grey. Other colors are available upon request. 

In the event your outdoor walk in is installed under a shed or roof, a standard weather roof for outdoor walk ins may not be required but should be evaluated by a skilled KPSG engineer to ensure all wind loading requirements are met. 

Door Options

Outdoor walk ins require protection from the elements.  

Our commercial metal doors offer a wide range of customizations including color, size, and hardware. Although white and sandtan are standard colors for outdoor commercial doors, other colors are available on request. We also offer both single and double doors (both active or one inactive).

In addition, KPS Global recommends utilizing rain hoods. Rain hoods for outdoor walk-ins provide an overhang above the door opening to prevent rain, snow and other elements from entering the unit.


As a custom build manufacturer, KPS Global takes on all projects big and small. As part of the design process our experts evaluate your specifications to design and manufacture a unit that is built to your requirements. 

Additional factors should be considered depending on the size of the unit, its location and proximity to other structures, internal blocking or support may be needed for greater external loads. 

Depending on these factors, our in-house engineers may require internal steel support and thicker top panels. 


KPS Global offers different flooring options to meet the requirement of the traffic expected in the unit.  These floor options include:
  • Foot Traffic: Uniform Load = 700 PSF*
  • Hand Truck: Uniform Load = 1000 PSF*
  • Pallet Jack : Uniform Load = 2500 PSF*
  • Super Floor: Uniform Load = 5000 PSF*
*It should be noted that these loads must be evenly distributed across the floor to ensure proper load bearing.

While every outdoor walk in is not required to have a manufactured floor, it should be noted that heat transfer can take place through standard concrete slabs in warm climates therefore manufactured floors should be considered to prevent increased temperature infiltration causing the units refrigeration system to cycle more frequently. Freezers require insulated slabs or insulated floors to maintain the thermal envelope. KPS Global meets all NSF standards by providing cove base on insulated concrete slabs and insulated floor to wall radius or angle at the connection point if using floors.


KPS Global utilizes urethane insulation for outdoor walk ins as it offers the highest R-value per inch in the industry.

The design and engineering team at KPSG have the experience to identify appropriate insulation thickness based on the climate, location and need of the customer. 

Other factors include identifying the change in temperature between the interior temperature and exterior ambient temperature.

Want to learn more about our insulation types? Check out our Foam Insulation Comparison.


At KPS Global, safety is our top priority. That’s why our products fully comply with all safety requirements and go through extensive testing. Learn more about our certifications or review our International Building Code Letter. 


Climate plays a significant role in designing an outdoor walk in. Evaluating the climate of the site location is an important factor for our team of engineers as this dictates roof options and insulation thickness.

Hot Climates

Choosing an outdoor walk in for a warm to hot climate requires thicker wall insulation to protect contents of the cooler as the metal has the ability to absorb heat and raise the temperatures within the unit. It is also important to note that outdoor walk ins in warm to hot climates may require a roof option that is either secured with a termination bar or a standing seam metal roof.

Mild Climates

Outdoor walk ins in intermediate to mild climates are most standard option. While factors such as wind, rain, and snow may be evaluated, typically these elements in intermediate to mild climates do not have enough of an effect to change the design of the unit.

Cold Climates

Cold climates are great for outdoor walk-ins and typically only require 4” wall thickness as stated by the DOE. One benefit of outdoor walk ins for cold climates is that outdoor walk in coolers and freezers benefit from cold environments as they typically are more energy efficient as they are not fighting against heat absorption.


One major environmental factor that requires consideration is the altitude at which the outdoor walk in will be located. KPS Global employs engineers who are adept at handling altitude effects and have the experience to choose the appropriate refrigeration system for specific environments.


Yes, all outdoor walk ins have the ability to be installed under weather roofing or other structures. Our engineers evaluate every design to meet all requirements of the project.

KPS Global is a custom solution provider that designs and manufactures outdoor walk in coolers to spec. We have the ability to design and manufacture outdoor walk in coolers of any and all sizes. 

The average lifespan of an outdoor walk in greatly differs depending on maintenance, repair work, and environmental elements.  

While similar, indoor walk-ins are specifically designed for indoor use and unsuitable for outdoor applications. 

Aside from a lack of weatherproofing and planning for site location indoor walk-ins are not designed and engineered with outdoor environments in mind.

Indoor walk-ins outdoors could result in a wide range of issues.

It is not advisable to utilize walk-ins that have not been engineered to withstand building and site conditions.

The difference between outdoor walk ins and indoor walk ins comes down to a few differentiating factors. Most noticeable and obvious is the location where the walk in is installed and the materials needed to build a base on-site. 

Outdoor walk ins most commonly require thicker insulation to ensure protection from direct sunlight and heat absorption.

Outdoor walk ins also require roof options for protection including membrane roofs and standing seam roofs whereas indoor walks in do not have a need for this.