Walk In Floor Panels

KPS Global® designs and manufactures a variety of walk in floor types including; foot traffic,  hand truck, pallet jack, super floors and forklift traffic. 

Our customizable walk-in floors are tailored to meet the demands of any commercial business including convenience stores, breweries, grocery stores, commercial warehouses and more. We offer a wide range of custom design options including finishes and ramps. 

Our in-house design and engineering teams work hand in hand with customers to engineer and manufacture floor panels to meet the need of regulatory requirements and customer specifications.

Working with KPS Global for your walk-in floor panel needs provides our customers with peace of mind knowing their new walk-in floors are tailored to their business needs. 

The right floor panel is made possible by KPS Global experts.

KPS Global Floor Panels For Walk-Ins

Looking for durable and reliable walk-in floors for your coolers and freezers? KPS Global has what it takes to exceed your expectations. Our experience, expertise and quality materials ensure a product that is designed to withstand even the most rigorous commercial environments ensuring durability and longevity. 

KPS Global experts have been providing high quality floor panel options for walk-ins for over 75 years. Our team leverages our in-house team of designers and engineers to provide our customers with the right floor panel solution engineered to withstand heavy loads, temperature fluctuations and traffic needs. Each project is carefully crafted to ensure every customer receives a walk-in floor with unmatched performance, providing our customers with peace of mind.

KPS Global is also able to offer unmatched scale and redundancy through our five strategically placed manufacturing facilities. These facilities allow KPS Global to provide our customers with industry leading lead times and comfort knowing we have what it takes to manufacture and deliver our products on time.

Interior of walk-in showcasing metal flooring

Custom Walk-In Floors

KPS Global floor panels are constructed in the same manner as our walls and tops with optional substrate to reinforce floors depending on the load. As a custom solution provider, KPS Global offers customized walk-in floors tailored to any customer’s specific needs. KPS Global team members work with you to identify the space and operational needs of your walk-in to deliver a solution that perfectly suits your business requirements regardless if you need anti slip, thermal insulation, or a specific dimension. Customization options for walk-in floors include floor types, finishes, ramps, construction of panels and more.

Floor Types

Identifying suitable floor types for your walk-ins may seem daunting due to the many options available. KPS Global provides a wide range of floor options including insulated flooring, slip resistant flooring, and seamless flooring. 

To choose the right floor types for your walk-in one must identify the intended use of the walk-in, where it will be installed and how it will be accessed. At KPS Global our walk-in cooler and freezer specialists work closely with our design and engineering teams to provide the best floor type for your walk-in application. 


KPS Global offers a wide range of floor types including:

  • Foot Traffic Floors
  • Hand Truck Floors
  • Pallet Jack Floors
  • Super Floors
  • Forklift Traffic Floors

Foot Traffic

Galvanized or Stainless-Steel Skins Over Foam


Hand Truck

1/2" Plywood Under Any Metal


Pallet Jack

1/2" Plywood Under Any Smooth Metal With Field Applied 3/16" Diamond Tread Aluminum


Super Floor

3/4" Plywood Under Any Metal With Stiffeners At 12" O.C. and Field Applied 3/16" Diamond Tread Aluminum For Motorized Walk Behind Lift


Forklift Traffic

Concrete Wear Slab

Expert Tip Image

Max Load: Uniform Load VS. Point Load

Uniform Load: PSF (pound per square foot) is an evenly distributed weight across and area.Ie: pallet of product or layer of snow

Point Load: PSI (Pound per Square Inch) is a weight on a contact spot of only a few inches or less.

Drawing of an insulated floor panel. Divided into three sections, foam, plywood then .050 NSA (Metal). Show casing the layers of insulated floors.

Floor Panel Construction

KPS Global floor panels for walk-ins are constructed of two metal skins with the option of plywood over a wood or high density rail (HDR) frame with poured in-place polyurethane. Our floor panels are constructed to meet the needs of the project, use and application. To meet customer requirements, floor panels are manufactured to be NSF certified for required applications.

Floor Ramps

Customize your walk-in with a floor ramp to aid in the loading and unloading of coolers and freezers. KPS Global designs interior or exterior ramp options to flooring based on customer specifications. . Floor ramps are a common addition to floor panel designs in walk-ins and our team of experts can help customize these for employee efficiency and safety.

Metal Ramp For entrance into walk in coolers and freezers that have a lip or raised entrance floor

Floor Finishes

Our floor panels include five different finish options based on the considerations and requirements of the application and specific walk-in project. The finishes include:

  • 18 Gauge Smooth Natural Galvanized
  • 0.050 Smooth Natural Aluminum
  • 0.080 Low Profile Aluminum Tread Plate
  • 22 Gauge Smooth 304 Stainless Steel #2B Matte Finish
  • Field Applied 3/16” Diamond Tread Aluminum Overlay

Our engineering and design teams at KPS Global ensure each project is designed and manufactured using the right floor panel according to specifications and use requirements of the walk-in.

Galvanized metal sample
Smooth Natural Galvanized
smooth metal finish sample
Smooth Natural Aluminum
metal sample with slip resistant dta
Low Profile Aluminum
Tread Plate
smooth stainless steel metal sample
Smooth Stainless Steel
metal sample with slip resistant DTA
3/16” Diamond Tread Aluminum

Walk-In Floor Manufacturer

When searching for a walk in floor manufacturer near me, it is no surprise that KPS Global stands out as the ideal choice for customers. 

With more than 75 years of experience and dedication to providing superior products and experiences to our customers, we have established ourselves as the leading manufacturer for walk-in floors.

We’ve done so through our attention to detail throughout every step of the manufacturing process but starts with our team of skilled professionals who ensure precision from design all the way through manufacturing and delivery.

Our commitment to providing walk-in floors that our customers can rely on is evident through the many customers who come back to us time and time again.

Choosing KPS Global for your walk-floor manufacturer ensures a seamless experience, superior quality and a product that is sure to last. 

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When it comes to walk-in floors for coolers and freezers KPS Global is the trusted choice. Our commitment to quality, performance and customization is just a few of the reasons customers choose us. Don’t compromise the integrity of your cooler or freezer by installing a sub par walk-in floor. Contact our team today to discuss your needs and requirements, get expert advice, and explore how KPS Global walk-in floors can improve the overall efficiency of your cooler or freezer.