View About KPS Global Video
Learn more about KPS Global - who we are and what we do!
View Clean Surface Prior to Installation
KPS Global shares some tips on making sure your surface area is clean and level which are important to prevent installation issues.
View Ensure Proper Air Gap and Air Flow
KPS Global outlines the importance of an air gap during installation as well as maintaining proper air flow while in use.
View Grocery Click and Collect
KPS Global executives discuss the latest trend in the grocery market - Click and Collect where consumers order groceries online or through an app..
View How To Adjust a Dial Thermometer
KPS Global demonstrates how to adjust a dial thermometer
View How to Adjust a Door Sweep
Using a screwdriver, adjust a door sweep up or down so the sweep just comes in contact with the threshold.
View How to Apply Butyl
KPS Global demonstrates the proper way to apply butyl.
View How to Ensure Your Panels are Level
KPS Global talks about the importance of locking panels from the top as well as how to ensure your panels are level when installed.
View How to Make Sure a Door is Plumb
KPS Global outlines how to make sure a manufactured insulated panel door is square and plumb before installing the door stabilizers.
View How to Reset a Cam Lock
KPS Global demonstrates how to reset a cam lock.
View How to Square a Box
KPS Global shows you how to make sure your walk-in cooler or freezer is square by following the easy 3-4-5 triangle rule!
View Installation Preparation
KPS Global describes the importance of laying out the box prior to installation to prevent issues arising from obstacles in the area.
View Installing Insulated Panel Systems
How to install your walk-in coolers and freezer panels.
View Installing Top Trim
KPS Global Pro Tip on how to make top trim lay evenly.
View Inventory Materials Upon Arrival
KPS Global outlines what items are included in the Accessory Box, which comes with each order.
View Overview of KPS Global products and services
Curious about what KPS Global does? Check out this video which gives an overview of KPS Global products and services.
View PPE Requirements
KPS Global outlines the minimum PPE requirements on a jobsite.  Always defer to OSHA or specific jobsite requirements for proper safety equipment needed onsite.
View Pro Tips & Tricks
KPS Global professionals provide tips and tricks on installing walk-in coolers and freezers.
View Thermal Breaks in Insulated Panels
KPS Global shares tips on how to ensure the Thermal Break in an insulated panel is correct.
View Tips for Applying Silicone Evenly
KPS Global demonstrates how to apply silicone for a uniform look.
View When Installing a Combo Box Always Build Freezer First
KPS Global specifies building the freezer first if you have a combo box you are installing.

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