Walk In Coolers

KPS Global is the leading manufacturer of custom walk-in coolers across industries. From convenience stores, dollar stores, grocery stores and warehouse club stores, our custom walk-ins are built to spec and set the standard in the industry. KPS Global walk-in coolers allow customers to optimize layout and maximize capacity. Leveraging our in-house design and engineering teams, our walk-in coolers are designed to meet exact customer needs. Our walk-in coolers are manufactured in one of our five strategically located manufacturing plants using HFC-Free polyurethane foam and are offered in three frame types and various finishes. KPS Global offers a variety of customizations and a variety of OEM equipment from multiple suppliers to find the right solution including display doors, lighting, alarms, windows, shelving, etc. At KPS Global, we can ensure our customers will find the best high-quality walk-in cooler solution.


Walk In Freezers

Custom Walk-In Freezers

KPS Global provides high quality custom walk-in freezers for a various industries and applications. Designing a walk-in freezer requires additional considerations and KPS Global is here to help you get exactly what you need. Utilizing our team of experts, we can ensure your walk-in freezer will be built to your exact specifications.

KPS Global experts can tackle any design consideration based on customer need or specification. including the temperature of the box or the needed R-Value which drives the panel thickness. If insulated floors are not present on the jobsite, KPS Global can build floor panels for walk-in freezers to meet specs to prevent frost heaving. Other requirements for walk-in freezers are heated vents as they are necessary for pressure equalization as are heated doors and or sweeps.

Custom Walk-Ins

Custom Walk Ins

KPS Global provides custom walk-ins to meet any controlled environment needed for a variety of applications beyond traditional walk-ins. From scientific grow rooms or dry rooms to equipment enclosures, custom walk-ins are designed using our high-quality panels and can be used for indoor and outdoor applications for temperatures ranging from -40 ºF to 175 ºF Our panels are fastened using the cam lock system that allows for fast and easy on-site modular assembly. Customized walk ins are offered in three frame types, various floor options, and three panel thicknesses. KPS Global provides additional customizations including lighting, door options, windows, shelving, etc. The team at KPS Global are industry experts in designing and manufacturing high quality custom walk-ins to meet any customer need.

Accessible Cold Environments®

KPS Global latest innovation, The Accessible Cold Environments® unit, also known as ACE®, is an innovative solution to loading and accessing perishable goods. The ACE® unit is the first open front refrigerated solution to hold product temperature below 40°F all the way to the floor without using glass or solid doors to keep heat out of the space. The ACE® unit provides a innovative solution for Ecommerce or Online Grocery pick-up by drastically improving labor efficiencies and reduces pick times. The KPS Global ACE unit provides a more efficient solution for a variety of applications.

ACE - Walk-Ins


KPS Global is the leading manufacturer of outdoor walk-ins across a variety of applications. All of our outdoor walk-ins are designed and reviewed by our in house team of engineers to ensure all building code and local code requirements are met.  Regardless if you need an outdoor walk-in cooler, outdoor walk-in freezer or combo box, KPS Global is sure to have the right solution for any project need. 

The Difference in KPS Global Walk In Cooler Manufacturing


Frequently Asked Questions

A walk-in cooler is a large refrigerator with access to the inside of the unit where product is stored between 33 38 degree Fahrenheit. The difference between a reach-in cooler and a walk-in cooler is that a walk-in cooler has an access point for the product to be stocked or merchandised from inside the unit, whereas, a reach-in cooler is a self-contained unit with only display doors to both access and load product from the front of the unit.

There are a wide range of walk-in cooler applications. Each application of walk-in coolers are dependent on the industry in which they will serve. Some of the most common include grocery store walk-in coolers. Grocery store walk-in coolers are essential to the operation of the store and may include: dairy coolers, bakery coolers, meat/poultry/seafood coolers, produce coolers, floral coolers, beverage coolers, deli coolers and prepared food coolers.