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Batten Strips

Batten Strips

Condensation, frost and ice buildup can cause damage and increase operating costs for walk-in coolers and freezers. These unwanted formations occur when water vapor penetrates through openings or cracks from the outside and eventually cause panel joints to swell and separate.

Damaged panels will result in decreased performance, poor energy use and a shortened life for the walk-in.

Batten strips are a simple, cost-effective solution for walk-ins displaying damage or wear and tear.

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How do batten strips work?

Serving as protective barriers, batten strips are engineered to reseal panel joints and reinsulate walk-ins, slowing down the effects of damaged panels, improving appearance and extending longevity. They do so by defending walk-ins from vapor infiltration, condensation development and icing of joint spaces.

Battens are available in either a white or natural metal color and are constructed of a 26-gauge metal strip and expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam. They provide another layer of insulation to existing panel joints. The strips come in standard widths with our wall or ceiling battens measuring approximately five inches wide and our interior corner battens and base battens measuring approximately three inches wide.

All of our batten strips come in 10-foot-long pieces that are cut to size in the field. Installation takes place onsite.


Offering a simple solution, battens can reseal any joint on your walk-in. They can be mounted internally or externally; however, an external application is most effective in keeping warm air and condensation out of the walk-in’s joints.

For additional information, including custom batten strip options, please contact us at [email protected].

A KPS Global Batten Strip Kit Includes:

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Before and After Batten Strip Applications


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