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Increase the Longevity of Your Walk-In with Batten Strips

Batten Strips in Walk-in

Are you looking for ways to reinsulate and lengthen the life of your walk-in cooler or freezer? Is replacement not an option because of budget constraints, commodity price increases, supply chain shortages, or scheduling limitations?

Batten strips are a simple, cost-effective solution for you.

Condensation, frost and ice buildup can cause damage and increase operating costs for walk-in coolers and freezers. These unwanted formations occur when water vapor penetrates through openings or cracks from the outside and eventually cause panel joints to swell and separate.

Damaged panels will result in decreased performance, poor energy use and a shortened life for the walk-in.

Damaged Panel Joins

So how can batten strips repair seams that display icing or movement?

Serving as protective barriers, battens are constructed of a 26-gauge metal strip and expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam. They are attached to existing panel joints with screws and butyl. The strips measure approximately three to five inches wide and only protrude ¾ of an inch to 3 inches. Battens with a depth of ¾ of an inch deliver an R-value of 3, while battens with a depth of 3 inches deliver an R-value of 12.

The installation process is simple: first, the installer applies butyl in the joint and covers it with venture tape. Next, the installer holds the expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam over the joint while placing the metal batten over the foam and screwing it onto the panel.

KPSG’s batten strips are engineered to reseal panel joints and reinsulate walk-ins, slowing down the effects of damaged panels, improving appearance and increasing longevity by three to five years.

Offering a simple solution, battens can reseal any joint on your walk-in. They can be mounted internally or externally; however, an external application is most effective in keeping warm air and condensation out of the walk-in’s joints.

Exterior with Batten Strips Applied
Exterior with Batten Strips Applied
Interior with Batten Strips Applied
Interior with Batten Strips Applied

The installation of batten strips defends the walk-in from vapor infiltration, condensation development and icing of joint spaces, ultimately extending the life of the entire unit.

Are you ready to extend the life of your walk-in? Purchase your batten strips here or email [email protected].

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