Insulated Metal Panels (IMP)

KPS Global® offers insulated metal panels (IMPs), which are versatile insulated building panels used for a broad range of industrial, commercial and retail cold storage, food processing and controlled temperature applications. Whether you’re storing meat or produce in a cold storage warehouse, or building out a distribution center or pharmaceutical storage, our insulated metal panels provide a customized solution for your needs.

IMP panels are strong, lightweight and easy to install using a foam-to-foam profile. These easy-to-install panels are a great choice for projects that need a cost-effective, long-span panel with strong thermal properties.

KPS Global offers insulated metal panels with an expanded polystyrene (EPS) core. While other options of IMPs offer a urethane core, our CLP panels are a more cost effective option.

Continuous Line Panels (CLP)

EPS Styrene Core CLP: These panels have an EPS styrene core which enables a farther span without the need for additional structural support. Less expensive than polyurethane foam, EPS foam is cost-effective and suited for large-scale applications. These panels are lightweight and easy to install.

Continuous Line Panels can be used as a stand-alone product or in tandem with KPS Global’s cam-lock panels, depending on the project needs.

IMPs are ideally suited for interior applications such as:

  • Food Processing Facilities
  • Distribution Warehouses
  • Controlled Environment Rooms
  • Mechanical Rooms
  • Clean Rooms
  • Plasma Banks
  • Horticulture Rooms

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