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As the industry leading insulated panel manufacturer for cold storage, KPS Global provides multiple cold storage panel types for different applications including urethane Cam-Lock panels and EPS IMP Panels. Each panel offers different features and benefits to ensure we can meet the need of any project requirement while optimizing frame type and cost.


Empty Industrial Cold Storage Warehouse


Cam-lock panels for cold storage are insulated with closed-cell polyurethane, the best insulation used in this industry. Closed-cell polyurethane has an R-value of 8.06 per square inch.  Our cam-lock technology allows for an airtight seal between panels to keep the temperature-controlled environment as stable as possible. To create a flush profile, a tongue and groove system interlocks the panels with Camlock technology. This allows an airtight seal ensuring proper temperature maintenance for the products stored within.

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KPS Global offers our patented  FUSIONFRAME®, combining the structural benefits of wood and the high performing insulative properties of Urethane foam, enhancing performance and energy saving of cold storage applications.

Expanded Polystyrene IMP Panels (EPS)

KPS Global offers expanded polystyrene IMP panels for cold storage called Continuous Line Panels. These cold storage panels allow for large build-outs due to the maximum span of 45 feet per panel. They are offered in thicknesses of 2” to 10”. These panels, also known as CLP are cost-efficient and offer more flexibility for installation. EPS panels have an interlocking connection system at the joints. EPS panels are popular as they are easy to install and cost effective for interior cold storage applications. EPS wall panels can be combined with cam-lock panels to optimize project costs.

Empty Cold Storage Warehouse made with EPS insulated metal panels

Comparison Of EPS IMP Vs Cam-lock Panels

While KPS Global offers a variety of products including  IMPs and Cam-lock panels, our team of engineers and designers carefully consider all project specifications before recommending the appropriate panel for your project. Some of the factors that are taken into consideration are R-value requirements, panel sizing, and job site conditions.

R-value of each panel varies depending on the frame type, foam insulation, and thickness of the panels.

KPS Global offers cam-lock panels in a single span length with the maximum unsupported and supported height of  26’ with thicknesses offered from 3.5” to 5”

Chart comparing the different cold storage panel types including eps panels, rockwool panels and urethane panels

Needing a longer span? Consider insulated metal panels. The single span length of EPS IMPs unsupported is 30′ with a 10″ thick, 24 gauge metal with a maximum of 45′ high. 

The cam-lock technology pairs with the tongue and groove system to ensure an airtight fit between panels and a strong connection. Cam-lock panels are mainly used for small to medium warehouses, complex multi-rooms, and Cold storage. One of the superior benefits of the cam-lock panels is the unlimited possibility of customization however it should be noted that all customization is done during the design and manufacturing process, unlike insulated metal panels that are cut in the field for onsite customization. 

While both cold storage panel types can be used in similar applications and even used cohesively as a box in a box solution to meet the need of multiple projects within a warehouse.

Common applications for cam-lock panels include:

  • Small to medium warehouses
  • Complex multi-rooms
  • Cold Storage

Common applications for IMPs include:

  • Large Warehouses
  • Processing Facilities
  • Extreme-Height Cold Storage

Our IMP panels are equipped with a lock and groove system that allows for airtight seals between the long spans of these panels. One of the main benefits of insulated metal panels is that they allow for long spans for large projects and are cost-effective. Learn more about IMP panels in our Comparison of Insulated Metal Panel blog.

Cold Storage Applications

KPS Global offers insulated metal panels and cam-lock panels for a variety of cold storage applications.

Refrigerated Warehouses

KPS Global offers both cam-lock and IMP panels for cold storage in refrigerated warehouses. Our panel systems for cold storage allow for items to be properly stored in specific temperatures.

Food Processing Facilities

Reliable cold storage for food processing facilities is vital to the operation. KPS Global provides a variety of panels for cold storage to keep temperature sensitive products stored safely. Our cold storage panels for food processing facilities provide stability and flexibility for temperature-controlled solutions.

large warehouse with metal panels as wall for cold storage

Distribution Warehouses

Cold storage for distribution warehouses maintains proper temperatures for the storage of products during the distribution process. Our panels for cold storage in distribution warehouses vary depending on the warehouse size and temperature requirements.

Mechanical Rooms

Utilizing cold storage panels for mechanical rooms helps minimize the heat put off by the machine within the unit. KPS global offers cold storage panels that not only help maintain temperature levels but also prevent heat and humidity from entering the unit, protecting the sensitive equipment inside.

Large room filled with shelving units housing growing plants.

Horticulture Rooms

KPS Global works with companies to provide insulated metal panels for cold storage horticulture rooms that require temperature controlled rooms for growing a variety of plants.


Cold storage rooms are vital to preserving medication quality and effectiveness. KPS Global provides expanded polystyrene panels for cold storage. Our EPS foam for healthcare cold storage is smart choice as they have the ability to span long distances, are cost efficient, and offer an airtight seal due to their interlocking mechanisms.


Food banks require cold storage to preserve the food within. Depending on the size and cold storage solution needed, we offer panels that allow for small walk-in coolers to large cold storage warehouses.

KPS Global offers a wide range of components to provide a complete cold storage solution.


KPS Global® has been building project to spec for over 75 years. As the industry authority on custom walk-ins and panel providers for non-food retail applications, you can rest assured you are working with the most trusted and experienced provider in the industry. Whether your company is industrial, scientific, convenience store, or any others, you’ll find that KPS Global® has the right application for you.

Our advanced insulated panels and temperature-controlled systems are in high demand for businesses across all industries including:

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