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With varying insulated panel types to choose from, each with its own advantages, it is crucial to select the best option when preparing for a project. Panels are manufactured to combine structural support with insulation for numerous applications. Here, we’ll take a look at three types of insulated panels and their specifications.

Continuous Line Panels

Continuous Line Panels

Continuous Line Panels (CLP)® are manufactured with an EPS styrene core and serve as a cost-effective, strong, lightweight solution that allows for longer spans. They are versatile insulated building panels used for a broad range of industrial, commercial, retail, food processing and controlled-temperature applications. Whether it is for a walk-in cooler or freezer, meat storage, produce storage, floral storage, pharmaceutical storage or cold storage warehouse, continuous line panels provide a customized solution. The cost for these panels is low up front, but they require more in-field work as they are not built to suit and must be cut onsite to fit project specifications.

Insulated Metal Panels are manufactured with a steel skin and a Class 1 Urethane core. They are well-suited for exterior and interior walls and ceiling applications. The lightly corrugated profile on both faces creates symmetry on the outside of the building and room to room within. The minor rib provides a flattened appearance. These panels are also ideal for cold storage, commercial, institutional and industrial applications. Insulated metal panels have an initial low cost, but they are not prefabricated to exact dimensions, so field-cut installation is required.

Insulated Metal Panels​

Insulated Metal Panels

Cam-Lock Panels

Cam-Lock Panels are constructed of either Wood, INSULFRAME® High-Density Rail (HDR) or FUSIONFRAME® frames in 3 1/2 “, 4” or 5” thickness. Poured-in-place polyurethane foam creates a lightweight, structural amalgamated panel. This foam has adhesive properties which bond the metal skins and the frame together as it cures, resulting in high thermal performance.

Metal-clad surfaces, designed to your specifications and with tongue and groove frames, are joined with a cam-lock that allows for and fast on-site modular assembly. The cam-lock system to ensures a tight seal between panels.

The material cost for cam-lock panels is higher up front; however, these panels are cut to exact dimensions, which allows for easy installation.

Below is a breakdown of the three primary types of structured insulated panels in our industry. Reach out to the cold storage experts at KPS Global to discuss the best product for your application. When you choose KPS Global, you’re choosing more than a product – you’re choosing our scientific expertise and real-life, hands-on experience.

Insulated Panel Comparison Chart

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