Insulated Metal Panels For Cold Storage

Insulated metal panels for cold storage, also known as IMPs are modular building panels used throughout different industries and applications such as industrial, cold storage, food processing and controlled environment applications. There are three types of Insulated metal panels, which include Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), Urethane core and Mineral Wool. 

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulated metal panels are easy to install, thermally efficient, and cost effective for interior applications. KPS Global offers EPS metal panels for this reason. EPS IMPs can be coupled with cam-lock panels to optimize project cost and speed of installation.

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IMP vs. Sandwich Panels

Sandwich panels and IMPs are two terms that are commonly used in the insulated panel industry, but what are the differences? IMP and Sandwich panels are two interchangeable terms. They are panels that are constructed with mineral wool, expanded polystyrene or urethane. These panels have metal facings that are attached to the foamThese panels also have built-in interlocking systems that allow for panels to be connected.


There are many applications in cold storage that can utilize Insulated metal panels.

Refrigerated warehouses

KPS Global uses expanded polystyrene foam to create EPS panels used in refrigerated warehouse applications. Interlocking EPS panels allows for stronger structural support and an airtight seal between panels. 

Our sandwich panels allow for refrigerated warehouses to maintain specific temperatures to keep the items located inside freshA low temperature, for some products, slows the chemical rate of change for perishable products

EPS can also be used as building walls to make the whole building insulated.  To do this, we have to reinforce the EPS to improve its stability.  Building the walls out of EPS also gives the option to do box inside a box solution. 


Processing and manufacturing facilities need to have temperature-controlled rooms because some products need to be preserved or sustainedFor example, in a food manufacturing facility, cold storage would allow for preservation of food waiting to be distributed.   Our panels allow for flexibility, stability, and temperature-controlled ability.

large warehouse with metal panels as wall for cold storage

Distribution Warehouses

Having temperature-controlled spaces is essential to distribution warehousesDepending on the product that is being distributed, they need to keep the merchandise to be kept at specific temperatures. For example, wine distribution centers need to keep the wine at specific temperatures to ensure that the wine doesn’t prematurely age the wine ruining it. KPS Global’s EPS panels can solve this situation by creating a long span insulated warehouse inside the distribution center. 


Insulation inside mechanical rooms is required for certain states. KPS Global insulated panels can help keep your room insulated with an airtight seal The equipment inside the room generates a lot of heat, which can cause problems to sensitive equipment inside. 

This is why temperature-controlled rooms are very important for mechanical room applications. Our insulated panels can also be used as a noise barrier because some of the equipment used can be very loud. 

Outdoor insulated metal panel mechanical room used for cold storage with roll up door and manufactured man door

Horticulture Rooms

A Horticulture room is a temperature-controlled room for growing a variety of plants, fungi, spices, flowers, and other planation cropsBeing able to regulate the temperature for all these plants becomes vital to the plantsKPS Global helps consumers succeed in building a temperature-controlled room that will keep the room airtight and the plants healthy. 


Cold Storage is extremely vital to healthcare for preserving the quality and effectiveness of medicine. KPS Global provides expanded polystyrene panels that span long distances and are cost efficient 

EPS insulated foam is reinforced by a sheet of metal on each side containing the mesa profile. EPS panels do need reinforcement on installation, but the interlocking mechanism does create an airtight seal for a temperature-controlled space.

Large interior building under construction for healthcare facility utilizing insulated metal panels for walls.


Due to the mass number of meals donated to food banks, they need a temperature-controlled area to preserve produce.  Depending on the size needed for the foodbank, we offer cold storage panels made with EPS These panels allow for large, insulated rooms, with extra needed support.


A box in a box solution is used when various rooms need to be controlled in temperature controlled Inside a warehouse they will use camlock panels to create one big box that is temperature controlled. Inside this box they will use more camlock panels to build smaller boxes to regulate the temperature in each separate room.

Exterior warehouse being constructed of large insulated metal panels
interior box in a box solution for insulated metal panels for cold storage warehouse

Components For

KPS Global offers a wide range of components to complete your cold storage projects. 

Industrial Refrigeration

Our insulated panels allow for the room to be airtight and withhold air from escaping. Our panels also allow for no air from the outside to leak in, which helps keep the temperature inside steady.

Rollup Doors

We offer many different door options from doors that automatically roll up into a drum, we offer fabric rollup doors, and we offer manual overhead lift doors. All these doors can provide an airtight seal on your cold storage and refrigerated warehouse to give you the best insulation possible.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are available for cold storage applications. These doors provide insulation benefits and easy access to the cold storage. These doors are heated to help prevent condensation forming inside the temperature-controlled area.

Strip Curtains

Strip curtains allow for an affordable way to separate environments. These curtains allow for slower temperature loss than an open doorway. They also allow for easy visibility into the cold storage areas.

Industrial Shelving

KPS Global can help provide Industrial shelving for cold storage units supplied by the original equipment manufacturer. These shelving units can be used to have mass storage for distribution warehouses and other storage facilities. Industrial shelving can also be used to help support the ceiling panels.

Industrial Lighting

KPS Global can provide OEM industrial lighting used in cold storage and refrigerated warehouse applications. Optional lighting to make sure the cold storage room is visible.


Through years of experience and custom manufacturing KPS Global  EPS insulated metal panels have the ability to meet project specifications. KPS Global works with general contractors, architects, consultants and mechanical teams to provide EPS IMPs for cold storage projects.

For help with your cold storage project, reach out to KPS Global who can connect you with someone who can assist.