Grow Room Panels

KPS Global® offers affordable turnkey panel solutions for grow rooms nationwide.

Agricultural grow rooms require a controlled environment (specific temperature and humidity controls). KPSG offers custom panel solutions (from sizes to panel finishes) for growth chambers. KPSG provides affordable grow room construction with panels that provide thermal protection from the heat generated from growing conditions. In addition, vapor tight construction protects against cross pollination. All panels are UL certified.

With five factories across the US, you can count on KPSG for quality insulated panels from a reputable company that’s been in business since 1947. With in-house design and engineering, you can trust that KPS Global will provide the best solution for your project.


Years of Custom Panel Solutions

KPS Global has offered panels for grow rooms and growth chamber solutions for 50 years. What makes us different?

  • Knowledge and Experience
  • Custom Configurations
  • Five plants across the US
  • In-house Design and Engineering
  • Panel Installation Services
  • Made in the USA

Protecting your crop is critical and not something you want to put at risk with an inexpensive option. KPS Global panels are used in applications from traditional grocery stores to scientific applications for vaccine distribution. You can trust the quality of KPS Global panels and rely on the knowledgeable staff for your project needs.

KPSG Warm Room Panels are the perfect solution for grow room environments where operating temperatures at or above ambient temperature with elevated humidity are desired and need to be regulated.

KPSG Warm Rooms vary in size from standard to custom build sizes, accommodating all grow needs from initial plant to storage.