Online Grocery Pickup

Cold storage is an essential element to your online grocery solution. As the national leader in walk-in coolers and freezers, we have been working with grocers since 1947. We’ve seen models succeed and struggle based on the strategy the retailer took. The key is not just think about what you need now but what you will need in five years. Solutions that are pieced together or made without incorporating all parts of the organization are the ones that struggle.

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Which Online Grocery Solution is Right For You?

Which online grocery model is right for your brand, strategy, footprint?




KPS Global’s versatile product offering can be customized to meet your specific Online Grocery Pickup (OGP) project needs. eCommerce Grocery Fulfillment is a complex process but KPS Global has the cold storage solutions you need for staging orders. With design and engineering teams in-house and partners in automation, we can deliver highly customized units. No matter how you fulfill your online grocery orders (drive-up, in-store, co-located or offsite), we offer a cold storage solution. With five manufacturing facilities strategically located across the country, we have the scale and capacity to execute OGP programs nationally.

KPS Global works with  robotics, integrators and consultants to develop an end-to-end solution for retailers who want to enter or grow in the online grocery space.

The right strategy may evolve as your program grows and this is certainly a complicated topic. We’re happy to talk it through with you