Online Grocery Pickup OGP

KPS Global’s versatile product offering can be customized to meet your specific Online Grocery Pickup (OGP) project needs. eCommerce Grocery Fulfillment is a complex process but KPS Global has the cold storage solutions you need for staging orders. With design and engineering teams in-house and partners in automation, we can deliver highly customized units. No matter how you fulfill your online grocery orders (drive-up, in-store, co-located or offsite), we offer a cold storage solution. With five manufacturing facilities strategically located across the country, we have the scale and capacity to execute OGP programs nationally.

Which Model is Right For You?

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Want to implement an immediate solution but not sure the volumes you’ll anticipate?
I expect a large volume of orders and want to plan for it now.
I anticipate high volumes but I’m really constrained on space.
I’ve got specific needs to work around and probably need a custom solution.
I’m ready to introduce technology and potentially implement robotics.

KPS Global is an expert in climate control solutions for various retail formats, including eCommerce for grocery. We understand how to manage different temperature levels in any environment.

In-house design and engineering teams are able to meet project specifications and retailers are able to leverage our knowledge and experience to solve the challenging cold storage requirements online grocery pickup presents.