Online Grocery Pickup

KPS Global’s product offerings support many key stages within the eCommerce grocery supply chain and can be customized to fit your specific project needs.

Manual Pick (ACE™)

Traditional Cold Storage


The KPS Global Accessible Cold Environments™ unit, also known as ACE™, is an innovative solution to loading and accessing perishable goods. The ACE unit is a great option for improving labor efficiencies and reducing manual pick times for eCommerce or Online Grocery Pick-up (OGP) programs where additional storage of bulk refrigerated products is needed.

The rise of eCommerce and the constant fluctuation in cold storage traffic means efficiency and speed are at a premium.

When a fulfillment center employs robotics, cold storage solutions are absolutely necessary for keeping the automated operation profitable, expandable, safe and responsive to the consumer.

Multiple temperature zones under automation is possible!

Which Online Grocery Solution is Right For You?

Which online grocery model is right for your brand, strategy, footprint?

Whether a grocer decides to create a microfulfillment center within its store space or a dark store that serves as a microfulfillment hub, an entirely crucial element of store design is cold storage.

Ultimately, grocers are now searching for the most efficient method to store refrigerated and frozen items so orders can be fulfilled safely and quickly. KPS Global is positioned to help grocers find the right cold storage solution.

KPS Global understands how to integrate and manage different temperature levels in any storage environment in smart and convenient ways. Our in-house design and engineering teams are able to meet project specifications and our knowledge and expertise can be leveraged to solve the challenging cold storage requirements that online grocery pickup presents.

No matter how you fulfill your online grocery orders (drive-up, in-store, co-located or offsite), we offer a solution. With five manufacturing facilities strategically located across the country, we have the scale and capacity to execute OGP programs.

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KPS Global works with  robotics, integrators and consultants to develop an end-to-end solution for retailers who want to enter or grow in the online grocery space.

The right strategy may evolve as your program grows and this is certainly a complicated topic. We’re happy to talk it through with you

In the last year, shoppers have shifted their habits to online purchasing, curbside or in-store pickup and delivery. They want a seamless experience of online ordering and convenience of picking up.

As the online grocery business continues to grow and consumers increasingly seek fast and frequent turnaround, grocers are compelled to consider which type of fulfillment center is the most effective solution for their footprint. 

Online Grocery Pickup