Grocery Store Walk-Ins

KPS Global® is the industry leader in providing customized walk-in solutions for the grocery industry.  Leveraging a wide range of customized walk-in solutions including grocery store coolers, freezers, and components, KPS Global provides custom solutions to meet your exact needs for each area of the grocery store. With a high quality panel offering, in-house expertise, and five manufacturing facilities KPS Global provides unparalleled walk-in solutions for grocers.

grocery store cooler with reach in glass doors to showcase merchandise

Walk-In coolers

KPS Global provides walk-in grocery store coolers to meet the needs  of the store including the bakery, dairy, meat, seafood, produce and beverage section. Our grocery store coolers can be customized with a variety of components from reach-in doors, shelving, lighting etc.

Walk-In Freezers

Our grocery store freezers can meet any need of the grocery store from the frozen food section to bulk storage in backroom areas. Our walk-in freezers are strategically designed with a variety of components from floor panels, heated vents, heated doors, etc. to meet any customer need. Walk-in freezers can be customized with a variety of finishes, floor panel options, and additional components to create the right solution for your grocery store need.

grocery store walk-in cooler for frozen foods

Custom Walk-Ins

KPS Global provides customized walk-ins for grocery store coolers and freezers for additional applications within the grocery store include floral coolers, keg coolers, and specialty coolers like instore restaurants or sushi stations. Our custom walk-ins are perfect for grocery retailers looking to add third store offerings such as restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. With a flexible insulated panel design our walk-in solutions can be customized to meet any design consideration from size to finish.


KPS Global balances the demand for food safety and customer shopping experiences in the grocery store with a variety of customized walk-ins tailored to the specific storage requirements of each area within a store. Regardless of store needs, our grocery store coolers and freezer offerings are easily custom fit to any size, location, and temperature environment needed. Our unique panel offerings provide the perfect solution to meeting the walk-in needs of the entire store. 

For the typical grocery store, KPS Global provides:

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Grocery Store Walk-In Specifications

KPS Global is the leading provider of grocery store cooler and freezer solutions and can meet any specifications within a grocery store. For the traditional grocery store walk-ins, the most common specifications we offer include:

Panel Size:

  • Around 10ft in height


  • Interior: white to provide a clean and bright environment
  • Exterior: natural or stainless steel to ensure durability and easy maintenance

Panel Thickness

  • Walk-in coolers: 3-1/2” thick
  • Walk-in Freezers: 5’


In addition to the traditional grocery store, KPS Global provides innovative solutions to meet eCommerce grocery solutions. From dedicated OGP boxes to backrooms storage solutions, such as ACE. Our unique product portfolio can satisfy the need to safely store e-commerce grocery orders. Our in-house team of experts works with robotics, integrators, and consultants to develop efficient OGP solutions. No matter how you fill orders (from drive-up, in-store, or offsite warehouses,) our team can provide the right solution for every application.

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