Replace Traditional Construction
Methods with INSTAWALL™

KPS Global® INSTAWALL panels can be used as an alternative to traditional construction methods in interior areas of buildings, stores and warehouses. Our INSTAWALL  panels install quickly, streamlining the construction processes resulting in a reduction of trades needed, improved construction timelines as well as other benefits.


KPS Global insulated panels for walk-in coolers and freezers can also be used in unconventional areas in the store. There are a variety of ways INSTAWALL™ panels can be used to improve the speed of construction.  In addition to traditional walk ins coolers and freezers, insulated panels can be applied in various locations of a retail store or warehouse building including:

  • Prep Rooms
  • Parapet/Soffit Walls 
  • Offices
  • Pharmacy
  • Hearing Centers
  • Machine Rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Optical Centers
  • Dry Storage Rooms
  • Retail Spaces


KPS Global understands the challenges of traditional construction methods and has found that utilizing INSTAWALL™  panels provides a more efficient construction method. Utilizing INSTAWALL™ streamlines construction, meaning:

  • Fewer Trades are Needed
  • Construction Timelines are Reduced
  • Improved Performance Over Time (no yellowing of FRP)
  • Less Expensive Overall Investment Over the Life of the Area

Key Advantages

Incorporating INSTAWALL™ into additional areas not only streamlines the construction process but also provides a nice, clean look for the store and offers the following advantages:
  • Ease & Speed of Installation
  • Reduces BTU Load of HVAC
  • Cleanliness
  • Reduces Number of Trades At Jobsite

Streamline Construction


KPS Global offers end to end solutions. INSTAWALL™ is another innovative solution we are bringing to market. With the ability to manufacture individual customized panels in five strategically located factories, KPS Global can provide an alternative solution tailored to your project needs. Utilizing insulated panels in non-traditional areas can be a game changer to streamlining construction processes.


Chase Walls

INSTAWALL™ can be used as chase walls that can be added to various prep rooms such as deli, meat and bakery. This application, in comparison to traditional sheetrock, provides better sanitation measures which prevents moisture build up that causes mold and mildew.

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Other benefits of using INSTAWALL™ for chase walls Include:

• Faster Installation Process
• Easy to clean
• Moisture resistant
• Covers plumbing
• Improves sanitary measures



Parapet | Header Walls

Parapet, or header walls can provide customers with a more cost effective and durable option that is visually appealing as compared to alternative building methods.

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Using KPS Global INSTAWALL™ panels to extend the height of traditional walk-in coolers and freezers:

• Hides machinery creating clean view of store space.
• Creates a safety barrier to prevent fall risks.
• Provides a clean, flat surface for retailers to brand or advertise


INSTAWALL™ provides a fast flexible solution for adding spaces to new or existing warehouse such as offices, lockers, break rooms, or PPE dispensing areas. Regardless of use, INSTAWALL™  panels can be custom fit to meet the desired warehouse application. Utilizing this panel solution provides a faster and more flexible alternative to traditional construction methods that reduces the need for other trades, shrink project timelines, and provide customized spaces in a short timeframe.


Unlike other construction methods, utilizing  for warehouse spaces can provide a fast, custom, and visually appealing alternative. Whether you are opening a brand new site or remodeling an existing warehouse our INSTAWALL™ panels can be a viable solution to traditional construction methods. Other benefits of utilizing INSTAWALL™ panels for warehouse spaces includes:
  • Flexibility of Design
  • Uniform appearance across the entire facility
  • Additional space for break rooms, employee lockers, or office spaces
  • Fast installation to meet rapid business expansion
  • Customized features including size, finish, chases for electrical and plumbing lines
  • Reduced number of trades
"Prefab is the future of food retail construction."
National Grocery Construction Manager

INSTAWALL™ Panel Construction

INSTAWALL™ panels are constructed using metal skins on the exterior, a wood frame, polyurethane foam and the option of plywood backing on one of both sides. Our panel construction includes additional features such as vertical and horizontal chases for design flexibility and ease of access for electric and plumbing lines. INSTAWALL™ panels can be customizable to meet project requirements.

Vertical Chase

INSTAWALL™ panels streamline the construction process and allow for customers to have flexibility of placement for location of electrical, data, or conduit lines. Utilizing INSTAWALL™ panels is beneficial for streamlining construction across various areas of a store or warehouse. INSTAWALL™ panels are manufactured with a vertical cavity on the left side or right side of the panel to provide space for conduit boxes for electrical wiring as necessary. This not only creates a seamless entry for electricians but also gives customers flexibility in the future to add, as needed, with easy access. Another benefit of working with KPS Global is that we are UL certified, which eliminates the need for a rough inspection in the field and helps to streamline the process.

Removable Panels

In addition to the left and right cavities, KPS Global also provides the option of a horizontal chase by offering a removable panel for installing plumbing. This helps shorten project timelines by reducing the number of trades and amount of work that needs to be done after the installation of INSTAWALL™ panels. Our new construction approach aims to tackle the constraints of stick-built construction methods, by creating a more flexible and efficient process that speeds up project timelines and get stores opened faster.

Installation Services for


KPS Global provides installation services for INSTAWALL™ applications. Our installation services take the hassle out of the construction process by handing all phases from installation to clean up. The installers at KPS Global are specialized at building our product to factory specifications and will ensure your project will be installed as efficiently as possible to save you both time and money.

Whether you need general information or have specific questions, we want to hear from you.

With the largest network of installation contractors, a KPS Global employee manages all installations.

Whether you need a quick ship walk-in or a fully customized system, one of our quote specialists can assist you.

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