Continuous Line Panels

CLP panels by KPS Global® offer a cost-effective solution for large scale applications. CLP panels, with an EPS core, can span farther without additional structural support. With short lead times and easy installation, you are able to get your project completed sooner.

CLP panels are ideally suited for interior applications such as:

  • Food Processing Facilities
  • Distribution Warehouses
  • Controlled Environment Rooms
  • Mechanical Rooms
  • Clean Rooms
  • Plasma Banks
  • Horticulture Rooms

CLP panels are thermally efficient, strong, lightweight and easy to install using a foam-to-foam, tongue and groove joint. The panels are made to order, in a variety of thicknesses and in lengths up to 45 feet, allowing for longer spans and lower installation costs.



Panel Width: 45″

Panel Thickness: 2″ – 10″

Panel Length: 8′-0″ – 45’-0″

Metal Facings: 26 Gauge G-90 hot dipped aluminum-zinc alloy, AZ-50 coated sheet steel (ASTM A 792). 24 gauge available upon request.

Coatings: Polyester

Core: Minimum 1.0 Lb. per cubic foot density expanded polystyrene (ASTM C578) CFC free. Fire retardant added.

Thermal properties: EPS at a mean temperature of 20° F, R-value 4.40 per inch. EPS at a mean temperature of 55° F, R-value 4.15 per inch.

Weight (psf): 2”- 1.99, 3”- 2.05, 4”- 2.15, 5”- 2.24, 6”- 2.37, 7”-2.40, 8”- 2.49, 9”- 2.57, 10”- 2.65

Adhesive: Polyurethane, CFC free.

Joint Configuration: Interlocking tongue and groove.

Span Chart: Available upon request.

Surface Finish: Embossed Flat or Mesa.

Flammability Properties Panels:

ASTM E84-95 Flame Spread Index = 0.
ASTM E84-95 Smoke Development Index = 55.
Based on 4” Thick.

ASTM tests are used solely to measure and describe properties in response to heat and flame under controlled laboratory conditions. Flame spread and smoke development ratings derived are not intended to reflect hazards under actual fire conditions. Values are reported by QAI LABORATORIES Test Report # RJ1812-1

Continuous Line Panels - EPS - Styrene