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Why Do Outdoor Equipment Enclosures Have Mesa Profiles?

Mesa Profile For Outdoor Equipment Enclosures

Outdoor equipment enclosures and outdoor walk-ins require special considerations to protect the unit and ensure the strength of the unit.  

The top considerations for outdoor equipment enclosures and walk-ins is panel construction, location of the unit, and the slope of the roof but another item should also be considered: exterior metal skins.

While not specifically required, mesa profiles are the industry choice for outdoor enclosures as it strengthens the metal which helps to combat the expansion and contraction of the components from the elements mother nature throws at it.

A by product of a mesa profile is being visually appealing while also offering performance enhancing components to the unit.


What Is A Mesa Profile?

A mesa profile is created when a roll of steel is pressed to a specific profile.  

When a piece of metal is cut, it is weakened. By adding creases or bends in the metal a force is put on the metal. Rather than weakening the metal, these bends and creases strengthens it. This is due to its crystalline structure.

As deformations of the metal are made (the corrugations in the metal) the structure becomes more complex and hardens. As such, the metal becomes harder to deform.

How Is Mesa Profile For Outdoor Equipment Enclosures Manufactured?

Roll form machine that uses rollers to alternate thicknesses in the metal skins of outdoor equipment enclosures
saw used to cut metal panels for outdoor walk-ins that require a mesa profile or alternating thickness of skin on metal face

A mesa profile is manufactured by passing a sheet of metal (either flat or from a coil) through a roll former, where a crease or bend, is pressed to alternating depths to create a desired profile.

This allows for a stiffening of the metal which serves not only as a structural component but is also aesthetically pleasing. 

A mesa profile can be applied to any metal finish at thicknesses of 22, 24, and 26 gauge.

While we offer both embossed and smooth, it is recommended to emboss the panels to protect from environmental elements.

Why Use A Mesa Profile For Outdoor Equipment Enclosures?

Although visually appealing, a mesa profile serves a more specific purpose as it strengthens the metal used in insulated panels. 

With this, panels can span a longer distance and reduces the need for secondary support structures.

Considerations When Using A Mesa Profile In Outdoor Equipment Enclosures Or Walk-Ins

Mesa profiles for outdoor equipment enclosures are highly recommended as it enhances strength and performance in harsh conditions. 

Outdoor units often utilize mesa profiles on the exterior however mesa profiles can be utilized on the interior of the box as well. 

It should be noted that mesa profile is recommended for most outdoor equipment enclosures however it is not required. Those who choose not to utilize mesa profile for their outdoor enclosures must consider the risk of “Oil Canning” and imperfections on the surface of the enclosure. Often these are not covered under warranty.

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