Insulated Panels For Scientific Applications

KPS Global® offers fully customizable insulated panels for scientific applications to maintain a controlled environment. These include Insulated Panels For Scientific Chambers, Insulated Panels For Blood Banks and Insulated Panels For Vaccine Storage.

Insulated panels are a large component of any solution but not the total solution. Panels made specifically for scientific applications require unique customizations depending on their intended use. KPS Global manufactures insulated panel systems to withstand the dynamic temperature and humidity requirements of the scientific industry. Panels are available in non-wood options and provide superior insulative properties with a polyurethane core and upon request, FM4880 approved foam. 

Our customization options, paired with our knowledgeable and experienced team of engineers, can create panels for scientific applications that adhere to safety codes and meet project requirements. These various scientific applications using our insulated panels include scientific chambers, controlled environment rooms, and clean rooms


Insulated panels are a critical component of various scientific rooms and chambers and permit users to control temperature, humidity, air purification and overall cleanliness. Working with dealers and integrators, our team optimizes the solution to meet project specifications.

To explore a specific scientific application and learn more about our insulated metal panel offerings, select from the most common uses of insulated panels.

Clean Rooms

Cold Rooms

Warm Rooms

Lab Rooms

Dry Rooms

Art/ Artifact Storage

Document Storage

Data Center

Blood Plasma Cold Storage Rooms

Blood Donation Storage Rooms

Cold Storage

Testing Facilities

Growth Chambers

Environmental Test Chambers

Vehicle Test Chambers

Stability Chambers

Cadaver Coolers

Benefits Of Working With KPS Global

In-House Design

Our in-house design and manufacturing allow KPS Global to create and modify products without having delays contacting other businesses, which increases product development and manufacturing time. It creates an ability to be transparent through all parts of the construction process.

Engineering Expertise

KPS Global has a dedicated team of highly qualified engineers for scientific applications who work with dealers/integrators to offer the best service and product possible. Our Engineers can design for structural steel and refrigeration as needed to meet unique specifications from the customer.

Flexible Construction

Our insulated panels are constructed with tongue and groove profiles which interconnect with the floor and walls creating extra stability and strength. Cam-lock technology and dual bulb gaskets that are applied to each panel create a flush wall and tight seal. All projects are built to the exact design specifications and dimensions as requested. This allows for extra stability and strength from the overlapping material. Cam-lock technology and dual bulb gaskets that are applied to each panel create a flush wall and tight seal.

Custom Specifications

Leveraging experienced sales, design, and engineering teams, KPS Global can adhere to custom specifications for scientific applications. KPS Global can custom-design the product to the intended use.

Heavy-Duty Construction

At KPS Global, products are built to last, leveraging a variety of metal finishes and our INSULSFRAME™ High-Density Rail (HDR) urethane frame.

Short Lead Times

KPS Global has five strategically located plants across the country, strategically located to expedite delivery, shrink freight costs and offers redundancy of manufacturing operations.



KPS Global insulated panels are manufactured with a wood frame or non-wood or hybrid rail construction. Scientific applications traditionally require non-wood construction to satisfy industry standards and regulations. Our insulated panels are offered in 3½”, 4” or 5” thickness. Panels are fastened with a concentric cam-lock system to ensure panels connect easily and creates a vapor tight seal. Panels are metal clad surfaces, designed to your specifications, insulated with Class 1 foamed in place polyurethane and can be designed in single or multi-compartment applications.

drawing of cam-locks in locked position and in unlocked position


wall showing each example of metal types for insulated metal panels

Metal Types

KPS Global offers a wide range of metal types to support any design, or specification of scientific applications. These include:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Natural Smooth Aluminum
  • Smooth Natural Galvanized
  • Low Profile Aluminum Tread
  • Antimicrobial Coating

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a very important and often necessary customization option for insulated panel use in the scientific field. Stainless steel is resistant to corrosive elements and chemicals that may come in contact with the chamber. Users of stainless steel panels will not need to be wary of the long-term effects of corrosive spills that could erode or leave stains on standard metal surfaces. Stainless steel is also a very low-maintenance metal that doesn’t hold stains and is easy to clean, increasing convenience.

Floors are manufactured similarly to wall panels, although floor panels can have different types of metal and finishes based on use. Our experts will utilize design criteria such as thickness, wear surface and structural reinforcement to ensure you have a floor capable of handling the load and traffic for your application. KPS Global floors can be constructed for traffic up to 5,000 psf.

Floor loads are determined by use and load requirements.

Foot Traffic: Galvanized or Stainless Steel skins over foam

Hand Truck: 1/2″ Plywood under any metal

Pallet Jack: 1/2″ Plywood under any metal with field applied 3/16″ DTA

Super Floor: 3.4″ Plywood under any metal with stiffeners at 12″ O.C and field applied 3/16″ DTA for motorized walk behind lift

Forklift Traffic: Concrete wear slab

Metal insulated floor with diamond tred
Metal doors, one with windows one without to showcase different doors used in scientific laboratories

KPS Global manufactures a variety of doors for scientific applications to ensure proper fit and seal that are custom made to project specifications.

  • Display Doors 
  • High Traffic Doors
  • Manufactured doors 

Alarms / Controls

  • Protects equipment and promotes energy savings
  • Provides efficient temperature/defrost controls
  • Factory alarms can be mounted or retrofitted while being monitored off-site or on-site
Man talking on phone while looking at computer screen showing alarm test
large warehouse with shelving units on each side of aisle

Custom configured systems include:

  • Movable shelving
  • Gravity fed-shelving
  • Adjustable flat shelves

Asset Protection

Protect walk-ins from damage or wear and tear

  • Bollards protect impact points and corners
  • Protect sliding doors with box rail
Walk In with Safety Bollard
walk in lighting options inside cooler or freezer


  • Lumen Output
  • Illuminance
  • Foot Candles
  • Efficacy
  • Color
  • Rendering Index
  •  Color Temperature
  • Temperature Applications
  • Safety/Security


PharmacEUtical Cold Storage

Delivering pharmaceuticals, including vaccines, to all corners of the world is a complex undertaking. It takes a chain of precisely coordinated events in temperature-controlled environments to store, manage and transport these life-saving products. This is called a cold chain. KPS Global insulated panels for vaccine storage and other pharmaceutical needs are a vital piece of that cold chain providing storage solutions to the industries involved. Our insulated panels help create a controlled environment to safely store medical products and vaccines by creating a space in which specific temperatures can be stabilized. In the scientific industry, it is imperative you use the correct panel for the application to satisfy safety measures and ensure the product is correctly monitored inside of the controlled environment.


Pharmaceutical testing facilities are used to research, develop and manufacture various medical products. Conditioned facilities can be used to engineer, fabricate and test pharmaceutical products. When storing pharmaceutical products, a dealer or integrator will identify industry experts to ensure the correct panel system satisfies the application’s need. Facilities utilizing KPS Global insulated panel systems as pharmaceutical testing facilities posses the capabilities of a conditioned and controlled environment. Our high-quality products and interior finishes can also be applied to ensure cleanliness and durability of the application to meet various industry standards. 


cold storage room for scientific clean rooms

Clean Rooms

Clean rooms require an environment where the air quality must have low contaminant levels to test and manufacture scientific devices, products, and experiments. These areas are built to prevent dust, bacteria, and chemical vapors from entering the space. They have a multitude of components to control aspects of the room including temperature, humidity, air pressure, and air quality. Our panels create an air tight seal and have a R-Value making them ideal for clean room applications

large cold room for with refrigeration units


Cold room solutions are fundamental in scientific research and testing facilities. Samples can be ruined with a slight change in the temperature. Working with knowledgeable dealers and integrators allows KPS Global to customize the needs of the end user to optimize the space. KPS Global often uses high-quality stainless steel metal skins in most cold room applications to keep samples clean from contamination.

scientific warm room with red lighting


Warm rooms can be utilized for incubation, animal holding, cell and tissue culture, and product stress testing. Warm rooms can be modified for various temperatures to fit specific scientific needs. They also know the importance of insulated panels, and the role they play, in controlling environments. KPS Global works with dealers and integrators to offer insulated panels for warm room applications.

scientific laboratory with insulated panels for walls and ceilings with areas for lab tests


A very important and necessary aspect of lab rooms is the ability to prevent outside variables from interfering with the experiments and research being conducted within the room. Lab rooms require the ability to control the internal environment in multiple ways, including temperature and humidity. Dealers and integrators understand the importance of insulated panels where experimentation, research, and observation are taking place. KPS Global provides insulated panel systems manufactured with polyurethane foam to optimize conditions inside the space. Cleanliness is mandatory in the laboratory setting, various metal finishes including stainless steel are available for proper quality control.

A person carefully operating a hand jack to move wood for guitar manufacturing into a dry room, ensuring proper moisture levels


When creating a dry room, the most crucial aspect is to control the temperature and humidity of the space. Dealers and integrators work with end users to understand the project requirements and select the appropriate solutions. Insulated panel systems can be equipped with humidity monitoring systems after installation. Dry rooms require a delicate balance of low dew points, controlled temperature and purified air to create an environment where the manufacturing process can thrive. Dry rooms, like the chambers used in lithium battery research and production or medical device manufacturing, require ultra low humidity levels. KPS Global panels are perfectly suited for these applications, creating an easily cleaned, vapor tight chamber once installed.


Scientific Chambers

Insulated panels for scientific chambers are designed and manufactured by our team of experts to customize each solution to fit the exact need in the field. Scientific chambers require controlling key environmental requirements to complete critical testing and research. When designing insulated panels for scientific chambers, KPS Global works with dealers or integrators to select quality manufactured materials. Investing in a long-lasting panel system is cost-effective and can provide the reliability needed for scientific experiments and research.

Insulated panels for scientific chambers provide controlled environments in order to:

  • Complete various experiments
  • Store chemicals and solutions
  • Ensure cleanliness


Our specialized team of experts work with dealers and integrators to design insulated panels for growth chambers that meet all temperature requirements for growing various biological products. Our polyurethane insulated panels allow end users the ability to control the temperature and humidity in an environment.  A variety of metal finish options can be applied to the interior of the panel system to meet the environment needed.

Environmental Test CHAMBERS

Environmental test chambers allow a user to test a product in extreme conditions. KPS Global offers various thicknesses of high-quality HDR frame options to insulate test chambers. KPS Global’s insulated camlock panels create a vapor tight envelope necessary where precise temperature control is required.

controlled testing chamber for scientific experiments
scientific application showcasing a vehicle test chamber

Vehicle Test CHAMBERS

Testing vehicles before they are released to the market is a crucial step in the delivery process. Vehicles are required to withstand extreme environmental factors to meet NHTSA safety standards. KPS Global urethane panel systems are used to create large controlled environment chambers used to test and stress automobiles before the public ever sees them. These test chambers simulate the extreme conditions automobiles may face while on the road. KPS Global’s team of engineers and designers work to with integrators to design a testing chamber with all the specifications needed like heavy-duty floors, stainless or painted metal finishes and panels with the appropriate R-Value needed to maintain desired temperatures or conditions. Insulated panels for test chambers are ideal to support the intensity of the environmental adjustments needed for testing vehicle durability.


Insulated panels for scientific chambers, such as stability chambers, are used to test various pharmaceutical products and how they react to the surrounding environment. Different environmental pressures are placed on the products to experiment with how they react to specific temperatures and light frequencies. Improper storage can decrease drug efficacy and render potentially life-saving drugs ineffective. Dealers and integrators who are versed in the needs of pharmaceutical companies conducting this research can use insulated panels as a component to the overall solution.   

scientist walking through large walk in door to a stability chamber



In the art world, thousands of archives exist in controlled environments that protect art, photography and documents that are not being displayed. Properly preserving physical documents, artifacts and precious art is often overlooked. Physical media is delicate and susceptible to damage if not kept in a controlled environment. Sunlight and humidity can degrade paper media or crack paintings, so it is of utmost importance that they are stored in a space with the intention of preservation. KPS Global insulated panels are used in hundreds of museums across the country because of their ability to control the environment of a storage area to preserve and protect priceless pieces of history.


Data centers have a concentration of computer equipment which will emit large amounts of heat. Increased heat over time can damage electronic equipment, so data centers must have a solution to remove the heat from the space. Insulated panels are an excellent solution for maintaining a stable temperature while keeping dust and humidity at a minimum. KPS Global works with integrators to provide insulated panels that work to control the environment.



Mortuary coolers are essential for preserving cadavers for funeral staging, autopsy, and scientific research. The decomposition process of a body begins quickly after death with noticeable physical changes occurring after only a day. Proper cooling of the body is necessary to slow the breakdown of cells that rapidly occurs after the end of life. KPS Global insulated panels allow for a controlled environment. 


worker pulls bag of blood out of a container made of insulated panels for blood banks


The Blood Plasma Industry has specific needs in regard to collection and storage resulting in insulated panels for blood banks to meet those specific needs. At the forefront, whether it is short or long term, is proper temperature control. With required temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit, having insulated panels for blood banks that are capable of high temperature differentials is essential. KPS Global foamed in place urethane panels make the perfect building block for low temp storage. KPS Global works with dealers to manufacture insulated panels for blood banks that meet the cold storage needs for blood and plasma storage.


KPS Global creates insulated panels that must adhere to local, federal and industry standards for safety and durability. KPS Global works tirelessly to ensure that our safety certifications for panel systems and manufacturing processes are up to date, pass necessary tests, and are current with regulatory institutions. These certifications display that our panels have the necessary quality, fire resistance, and durability that our consumers rely on for their panel systems. 

UL Certification

UL certifications mean that our product and manufacturing plant meet the industry-wide safety requirements that UL sets for insulated panel systems.

FM 4880

FM 4880 approval can be requested to meet requirements to have a Class 1 fire resistance rating.


NSF Certification states that the product has gone through a testing process to ensure safety for commercial use. Facility inspections can determine the safety and cleanliness of the manufacturing process.

ETL Certification

ETL Certification is authorized by a third-party organization that tests the standards of electrical components for safety and quality control.

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