cold storage room for scientific clean rooms

Clean rooms are controlled environments that are designed to limit the number of outside contaminants entering the space.

Depending on the use and ISO Class, these rooms must maintain near sterile conditions, even while in operation. This means that the walls of the room must be vapor tight and have an exceptional seal to limit all forms of dust, debris, and unwanted airborne contaminants from invading the interior space.

A clean room is also used in processes where hazardous, dangerous or explosive materials are being handled. They must keep those potentially harmful or fatal materials from escaping into the outside atmosphere.


Clean rooms are primarily used for pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and the protection of electronic equipment.  For example, these rooms are required to manufacture semiconductors and microchips, which must be built according to strict tolerances and in a contamination-free environment.

These rooms are also commonly used in other applications requiring high operational purity, including scientific research, virology, nuclear, life science manufacturing, and data recovery. 

In these applications, the clean-room setup may consist of smaller chambers where technicians can change into personal protective equipment (PPE) or be disinfected before entering or exiting the room. 

Clean rooms are necessary for these applications because of the delicate nature of the items being manufactured or stored.

Custom Solutions

There is no one-size-fits-all clean-room design, large or small one large room or many individual rooms, clean rooms can be designed to any specification. 

scientific clean room

KPS Global Sandwich Panels For Clean Rooms

Animation of a camlock panel for clean rooms

KPS Global® offers foamed in place, insulated sandwich panels using a structural high-density urethane frame: INSULFRAME which feature cam-lock connection points that help produce a vapor-tight environment.

KPS Global panels are fully customizable to meet the end user’s unique design parameters for the facility. KPS Global works with dealers and integrators to provide panels that meet industry certifications and project specifications.

To learn more about how our insulated sandwich panels can be used in the scientific community, check out our scientific page or connect with a dealer to get started.

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