Beer Coolers

KPS Global® provides high quality beer coolers and beer cave solutions for restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores, breweries, and stadiums. Maintaining the correct temperature is crucial to ensuring a high-quality tasting beer. Our team of experts, from account managers to engineers understand the temperature requirements for storing beer and designing high quality beer cooler solutions that meet project specific needs. Whether you are looking for a customer facing beer cave for a retail store or a backroom keg cooler, KPS Global can help. Our insulated panels solutions can be customized from size to finish to components that not only create the optimal controlled environment but also provides a clean and unique design.

Entrance to a walk in beer cooler for storage of beer that requires specific temperature control

Achieve Optimal Beer Storage With KPS Global Beer Cooler Solutions

Optimal beer storage requires an environment that meets the specific temperature and humidity requirements to maintain the taste and quality of beer.  Even the slightest temperature fluctuations can impact the freshness and taste of beers. At KPS Global, our insulated panels are custom manufactured with the ability to meet varying conditions for optimal beer storage. With a KPS Global commercial beer cooler, you can ensure every beer is stored properly.


At KPS Global, we offer a wide range of cold storage options for beer to cater to different business needs and applications. Our beer coolers are fully custom so whether you need backroom storage in bars or large beer coolers in retail stores and walk-in beer caves for C-Stores our wide range of beer cooler solutions are available to you.

Beer Coolers

Beer coolers are similar to other walk-ins where product is stored and stocked from the rear of the unit while merchandised with glass doors where consumers make their selection. Depending on store size and capacity needs, our beer coolers are customized to meet your specific needs.

Beer stacked on shelves in a walk in beer cooler

Beer Caves

 Beer caves provide the ultimate solution for retailers looking to enhance their in-store offerings while maintaining an efficient storage system. A custom beer cave elevates the customer experience by offering customers walk-in access to a large variety of beer offerings. At KPS Global, we provide beer caves that not only offer a visually appealing solution to showcase your beer selection but also maintain the right temperature to ensure each beer is chilled to perfection.

View through the glass door of a walk-in beer cooler, revealing stacked beer kegs

Keg Coolers

For draft beer storage in bars, stadiums, or restaurants, our keg coolers are designed to accommodate kegs of all sizes to ensure draft beers are served at the ideal temperature. Similar to beer coolers, keg coolers are designed based on the available square footage and expected amount of kegs needed to be stored. With flexible panel design, KPS Global designs keg cooler systems for storing and serving draft beer. 

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