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The beer cave is an important innovation—for store-owners, it will help keep beer fresh by storing it at the perfect temperature, and doubles as an inviting, high visibility way to advertise your selection.  The brewing of draft beer has a long and storied history going back many centuries, but nobody wants their next brew to taste like it’s been sitting around that long!

The History of Draft Beer

Since its beginnings, beer was meant to be shared with friends and family. In many ancient descriptions of beer drinking, it was shared in a ceremonial manner from communal bowls or pots. In these early days, all beer was home-brewed. Later, when medieval monks in Europe started producing beer in large quantities for their own use, they began storing it in barrels. For centuries, these barrels remained virtually the only viable method for storing and transporting beer for commercial sale. In the sixteenth century, the bottling of beer was introduced as an improved means of storing, preserving and serving beer. Unfortunately, only the wealthy could afford such a luxury product. The masses still consumed their beer from casks at a brewery or tavern, or took it home in any container they had.  Today, of course, ice cold beer is readily available in bottles, cans or kegs, but can still be brewed at home by those who enjoy being a part of the process themselves.

The Beer Cave: A Cool Innovation

One of the modern innovations that has helped keep beer cold, fresh and widely available is the introduction of the commercial cooler and today, the beer cave takes this concept to a whole new level. A beer cave is a walk-in cooler that allows a retailer to keep large quantities of beer at a consistent, optimal temperature. Beer caves create a superior shopping experience for consumers by allowing a variety of products to be displayed in an inviting and organized way. A well-stocked beer cave can help attract new customers and generate repeat business by those who want a superior selection, storage temperature and buying experience. Research actually shows stores that add a beer cave see foot traffic grow by about 35 percent and increase the average sale per customer by approximately $6! Whether you’re remodeling, building a new store or just feel like a beer cave would be a welcome addition to your business, a beer cave can immediately add variety to your retail space, increase the volume of cold beverages available for sale and give you the storage to offer a wider selection of bottles, cans, bulk beer, kegs and other specialty products.

KPG Global Installs a Better Beer Cave

There are a few things to consider when it comes to installing the best beer cave around and increasing your foot traffic.  For example, location is essential when installing a beer cave in a liquor or convenience store. It should offer high visibility for customers, but must also account for the size and placement of the compressor and coil to keep the interior at the optimal temperature. That’s why it’s best to call in an expert like KPS Global—we can help you create a custom solution your customers will love.

KPS Global is the largest provider of custom walk-ins to the convenience store, variety, supermarket and warehouse club markets. We are happy to create a custom solution for your beer cave—we understand that creating a better beer cave is all about the customer experience! We offer a variety of panel thicknesses, tight-sealing compression gaskets, superior insulation, heavy-duty doors with anti-condensate heated sweep gasket and a variety of customizable finishes, shelving, lighting and traffic doors. Best of all, working with KPSG ensures quality, strategically located plants to help your shipping costs, and top-notch customer service.

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