Supplier AVA Inc Solves Quality and Customer Support Problems by Switching to KPS Global

The Situation

Since 1986, AVA, Inc. has been selling Walk-ins from more than four manufacturers with strong reputations—but AVA, Inc.’s owner, Allan Vorda, was frustrated with his current suppliers’ service and was not receiving quotes and drawings in a timely fashion. The Texas supplier of Environmental and Cold Storage rooms was dissatisfied with the quality of the walk-in suppliers’ and AVA Inc installers started asking for higher-quality products. A new solution was needed.

The Response

KPS Global® was poised with the right team, quality products, and support services to step in and earn an excellent reputation with AVA Inc.

The customer service problem? Solved by timely quotes and drawings delivered by the KPS Global team, which is devoted to providing strong support for its customers’ sales initiatives and installers. Allan Vorda commented, “One of the first things I noticed was the genuine response from the KPS factory employees about getting me extremely fast quotes and drawings. Their regional manager flew to Houston, where we met, and he listened to what I said regarding all of the features needed to supply Environmental Rooms.”

AVA’s first order was placed for a forensic laboratory and was followed by an order for an oilfield services company. The first installer commented about a significant improvement in quality control with KPS Global and asked to keep ordering KPS Global’s Walk-in panels. Since then, AVA has received several orders that it has issued to KPS Global. Everyone in the equation wins more business!

"I am extremely happy with KPS Global and look forward to a continued and successful relationship."

— Allan Vorda, Owner AVA, Inc

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