Manufactured Doors

KPS Global provides replacement doors that are custom manufactured to fit any brand of walk-in on the market. Made-to-order swing doors and door facer frames are available to ship in seven to ten business days after approval drawings are confirmed. All our doors are custom made with a variety of finishes and all the components needed to replace the existing door including wiring, heated sweeps, latches, trims and closures.

Customers can rest assured that the experienced team at KPS Global can help find the perfect solution for their specific needs. Their wide range of doors, both for display and traffic, can be designed to fit industrial or retail settings. For a unique fit, custom built doors and door sections can be ready to ship within a week, no matter the heat sweeps, latches or wiring needed to make the door compatible with prior installations.

KPS Global provides two types of manufactured replacement doors.
  • Flush mount doors are characterized by a panel that is even and sits flush with the door.
  • Inset doors, also known as overlap doors, overlap the panels of the walk-in and stick out.

We determine the application type by whether the door is going on a cooler or a freezer. Freezers have perimeter heat and a heated sweep, coolers do not.


Is it a cooler or freezer?

Left or right hinge?

Wall thickness?

Measure the clear opening.

Specify what options you’d like: Viewport, Kickplates, Jamb Guards, Finishes

During the ordering process, we will ask for the dimensions for your replacement door. Here we are interested in the clear opening, also known as the net opening. This is the dimension of the clear space of a door. In considering flush mount applications, the clear opening is the space between the offsets in the profile.

Once you receive your new manufactured door, make sure the door is square and then you’ll bolt it onto your walk-in cooler or freezer. And that’s all you have to do!

Need some help with your KPS Global manufactured door? Learn all the tips and tricks from the KPS Global pros, whether you are adjusting a door sweep or making sure the door is plumb.

Wear and tear on a walk-in are expected, and don’t worry, if you find yourself in need of a replacement door, KPS Global has you covered. We are happy to talk through the options and help you determine what is right for your project.


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