Floral Cooler

Floral Coolers

KPS Global offers customizable floral coolers for florist and retail outlets as well as commercial coolers for growers and wholesalers. With in-house design and engineering teams, KPS Global can design custom walk-ins for floral coolers as well as large commercial floral coolers for storage. Our high-quality panel construction creates a controlled environment that allows for flowers to be stored at the exact temperature and humidity requirements needed.

Custom Walk-In Floral Coolers

Custom Walk-in Floral Coolers

KPS Global is versed at designing customized walk in floral coolers that allow for seamless merchandising & display, while maintaining the optimal environmental conditions. A KPS Global custom walk-in floral cooler is carefully designed and manufactured to meet specific project needs, leveraging in-house design and engineering teams. KPS Global has industry expertise and experience to build the best floral coolers in the industry. Our custom walk-ins are built to spec with a variety of finishes tailored to your specific project needs.

Designing Floral Coolers

For floral coolers, designing an effective & efficient customer display is critical to the success of the store. KPS Global will work with you to design the perfect floral cooler. Key components to think about when designing a floral cooler is the right refrigeration for temperature and humidity controls that provide optimal vase life and open rate of petals. KPS Global experts have the experience to customize any floral cooler solution, while also providing all components needed to meet all project specific requirements.

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Stay Ahead Of The Supply Chain And Keep Flowers Fresh Longer

KPS Global’s walk-in floral coolers are designed to control the environment with the right refrigeration equipment to keep flowers fresh.

In the floral supply chain, many bouquets and arrangements that are sold in the United States are grown and harvested overseas. The moment a living flower is cut a race against time begins. Fresh-cut flowers and plants must be kept within strict temperature and humidity requirements throughout the entire process from shipment to storage and display in stores. Once flowers are cut and shipped, they are taken to large warehouses and distribution centers for storage until they are then distributed to the appropriate retail location. Throughout the entire process, maintaining the correct storage requirements is key to preserving fresh flowers. To ensure the requirements are met, both the large warehouse owners and retailers must have the proper insulated panel systems.

With over 75 years of experience, KPS Global has become experts in providing customized controlled environment solutions. With KPS Global you can design one of kind flower coolers that not only fits your need but also preserves the quality and allows for easy merchandising. With access to industry experts at KPS Global, you can trust that your floral cooler project will be built in the highest quality. Five factories across the US, KPS Global can provide fast lead times and affordable freight cost to get your project up and running in a timely manner. With KPS Global floral cooler solutions, you can trust that you will be getting the best solution for your project.

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