The Situation

A popular grocery store with a growing floral business needed an effective and efficient way to display, protect, replenish, and sell bouquets and arrangements

The Story

Selecting the right walk-in cooler plays an important role in keeping flowers fresh and extending their shelf life. This grocery store had a unique request—a display that was built in a circular shape to engage customers’ interest from as many angles as possible!

The idea came with its own challenges. Not only was it an unconventional shape, but the location in the middle of the store also required some out-of-the-box thinking! Since most walk-ins are usually installed near loading docks, it is challenging to quickly replenish displays in other locations within the store and keep them full.

KPS Global’s design team worked to design a custom walk-in that included 180° of display across the front, glass doors for viewing floral arrangements, and accessible storage in the back of the display to enable quick restocking and solve the location problem. Fresh flowers are an enticing buy—and with a well-stocked, 180° visible display, they’re hard to resist!

interior of a floral cooler with shelving holding a variety of floral arrangements

The KPS Global Result

The colorful display draws the attention of many grocery shoppers and drives purchases. The employees working in the floral department appreciate the convenience of having products easily available to refresh the display and are able to check available stock in the cooler quickly. The beautifully finished display is a great addition to the store and an eye-catching shopper attraction!