Sustainable Solutions

KPS Global® is the first panel manufacturer with the ability to supply environmentally-friendly HFO products across North America. KPSG converted its five facilities from a hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) to a hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) urethane blowing agent well ahead of any industry regulations, advancing our sustainability objectives.

We’re committed to educating the market about the importance of carbon footprint reduction and energy savings. Our efforts have been recognized with awards that acknowledge companies for their environmental achievements and commitment to innovation and sustainability practices.

FUSIONFRAME®, our patented cold storage panel system, was named a 2019 winner in the following categories: “Refrigeration Product of the Year-Components & Peripherals” and “Refrigeration Innovation of the Year System/Process/Standalone”. FUSIONFRAME replaces traditional wood structural framing and delivers optimal thermal-envelope performance, lowers energy usage and utility costs, and offers a reduced carbon footprint.

Additionally, KPS Global was named a winner of a 2019 SEAL Business Sustainability Award, which celebrates leadership, transparency, and commitment to sustainable business practices. Our award-winning submission was the introduction of FUSIONFRAME. Reduced carbon footprint and other environmental considerations should be forefront when installing new cooler or freezer equipment that will be relied upon to perform for a number of years.

These awards underscore our commitment to innovate environmentally-sensitive and sustainable products in our industry.