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Women In Manufacturing 2024 (2)

Welcome to the celebration of Women’s History Month at KPS Global! As we continue to shine a spotlight on the remarkable women who contribute to the heart of our operations of manufacturing our walk in coolers and freezers, we are thrilled to present our second segment in the series, focusing on the inspiring women in manufacturing. From March 4th to March 8th, 2024, join us as we honor the dedicated women who play pivotal roles in our manufacturing teams across five plants situated in Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, Arizona, and California.

Women in manufacturing plant looking directly at the camera

Marlyne Gonzalez – Machine Operator

Marlyne joined KPS Global as a temporary worker in January 2022, having been connected with KPS through a staffing agency. Since joining, she has seized the opportunity to broaden her skills by taking on the role of Machine Operator in a new work area, thereby expanding her knowledge beyond her initial responsibilities.

Looking ahead to the next decade, Marlyne harbors the aspiration for a wage increase, underscoring her dedication to her professional growth. A standout aspect of her current role is the chance to remain active, a feature she particularly appreciates.

Marlyne enjoys spending her leisure time with her dogs, and says if she could have any ability, she would choose a photographic memory.

Diana Canales – Sr. Machine Operator

Diana has been with KPS Global since June 2012. She initially learned about KPS through a staffing agency. She was introduced to the opportunities available at KPS, and subsequently joined as a temporary worker. Throughout the years, her experience has been positive, and she has been able to contribute effectively to the team since then.

Diana characterizes KPS as a workplace that is both challenging and innovative, with a genuine atmosphere. One of her most demanding aspects is overseeing three production lines in her role as a Machine Operator. Diana’s advice for newcomers at KPS is to prioritize safety and embrace a collaborative team approach.

Diana enjoys cookies and engaging in its entrepreneurial aspect and defines success as the accomplishment of personal goals. When asked, she says she loves the beach as an ideal travel destination.

Women looking directly at camera in a manufacturing plant
Women working in manufacturing plant looking at camera

Cuiyan Li – Door Shop Assembler

Li, commonly referred to by everyone, has been an integral part of the KPS team for nearly five years. In her role, it is vital for Li to find a balance that meets the needs of different departments. This involves keeping her schedule flexible to stay on track and ensure customer orders are processed and shipped on time.

Li’s aspiration for KPS Global is to attract larger clients and appreciate the most about KPS is the friendly and autonomous work environment. The aspects Li enjoys the most about her role involve working on (math) calculations and assembling conduits.

Li enjoys tending to her flower garden and the sport of ping pong.

Diana Canales – Sr. Machine Operator

Angelica became a part of the KPS Global team in March 2023, and Diana Canales was the one who referred her. Job security is a key aspect that Angelica appreciates about KPS, and her preferred task involves attaching locks. While she enjoys her role, she acknowledges the challenge of understanding the intricacies of the machines. For Angelica, effective leadership is synonymous with clear and open communication.

Women working on a line in a manufacturing plant looking at the camera
women posing for camera in manufacturing plant

Regina Bassett – Assembler Doors

Regina was introduced to KPS Global through Kelly Services, joining the company as a temporary worker in September 2023. Later, in December 2023, she transitioned to a full-time role as a KPS employee. Adjusting to a new work schedule has been a significant change for Regina, especially after three years of working the third shift. Despite the challenges, she appreciates the opportunity for overtime work at KPS.

Regina’s memorable vacation took place at SeaWorld in San Antonio. She measures success through personal growth in character and responsibilities, embodying her personal mantra in three words: “Life goes on.” Balancing work and personal life are still a learning process for Regina, who values rest during her off hours. In her 10 years of marriage, she has raised five wonderful children and enjoys the role of a grandmother to six adorable grandchildren.

Ana Salas – Assembler Panel Finish

Ana became a part of KPS in May 2022, and since joining the manufacturing team, she has acquired proficiency in various tools that used to intimidate her. For Ana, leadership embodies responsibility and a commitment to treating others with fairness, ultimately ensuring a smooth workday.

Outside of work, Ana finds solace in reading the Bible, which she keeps by her bedside and considers the best book she has ever read. Her frequently used phrases include “Dios mio (my God),” “Dios te bendiga (God bless you),” and “love you.”

During her leisure time, Ana prefers to be with her loved ones. Notably, her husband, Rey, was recently promoted to the role of Quality Technician at our Fort Worth facility.

women smiling at camera at walk in cooler manufacturing plant


As we wrap up today’s celebration of the women in manufacturing at KPS Global, we invite you to stay tuned for more of our spotlights this Women’s History Month. Tomorrow marks the beginning of another insightful segment, featuring a new group of exceptional women from our plants in Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, Arizona, and California.

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