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Women In Manufacturing 2024 (2)

Welcome back to Women’s History Month celebration with KPS Global! As we continue highlighting the exceptional women at the core of our walk in cooler and freezer operations, we’re excited to introduce the third installment in our series, putting the spotlight on women in manufacturing. From March 4th to March 8th, 2024, be part of the celebration as we acknowledge the many women playing part in our manufacturing teams across five plants located in Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, Arizona, and California.

Sonia Davila – Assembler Sr / Thermostructure

In the two years since joining KPS Global, Sonia has determined that four words to describe us are “trust, learning, commitment, and perseverance.”

Sonia’s happy place is being around her loved ones and waking up with great health and gratefulness for where her life has taken her. She enjoys resting on her days off and taking trips with her family.

Sherry Nolan – Production Admin

Sherry has been an administration staple at KPS Global since 2015. In her time with us, she has been pivotal in ensuring production has accurate and up-to-date data, as well as providing support to the Goodyear employees.

She enjoys collecting antiques, reading, swimming, and playing piano.

Sonia Davila – Assembler Sr / Thermostructure

Maria also joined KPS Global around two years ago and has “gained knowledge and learned how interesting it is to build panels.” She likes working with her co-workers, as they are very nice. She says, “[she] is grateful that [KPS Global] gave [her] the opportunity to grow.” (NOTE: We believe in you, Maria!)

Maria believes in the quote, “everything is possible, if you only believe”.

Ernestina Sandoval – General Laborer Thermostructure

Ernestina is likely one of our longest employees with KPS Global, having been with us since 2002 – a whopping twenty-two years! She loves her work with KPS Global, and with her experience here she has become a valuable asset as she is able to work cross-functionally on many company projects.

Her family loves her food, and if she could be famous for anything she says it would be for her cooking.

Annette Zinck – Shipping Supervisor

Annette became a part of the KPS Global family in thirteen years ago(!), and even calls us her “family away from home.” She loves the daily challenges that come to her.

Annette has three kids and five grandkids and enjoys spending time with them. Additionally, she also likes to spend her off-days watching NASCAR, fishing, camping, 4-wheeling, and working on her old Mustang.

Alicia Herrera – Assembler Sr

Alicia’s eighteen years with KPS Global have made her a fantastic benefit to our workforce. Her years of knowledge have gained her the ability to work across multiple aspects of plant life and allowed her to grow to a senior level within the company.

Alicia loves music, spending holidays with her family, rainy days, watching comedies, and helping children diagnosed with cancer.


Be sure to check back in for the next installment of KPS Global Women in Manufacturing, where we will highlight more of our incredible women at KPS Global who are vital to the walk-in cooler and freezers operations.

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