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Women In Manufacturing 2024 (2)

Historically, manufacturing has been synonymous with a male workforce. However, times are changing, and women are making significant strides in this sector. From engineering and production to management and leadership roles, women are breaking stereotypes across many areas of manufacturing.

From March 4th to March 8th, we’ll be celebrating the remarkable women in manufacturing at KPS Global. In our organization our manufacturing teams are a vital part of our process, and the women in these teams deserve their moment in the spotlight.

KPS Global has five plants located across the continental United States – Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, Arizona, and California. We have chosen a few women from each plant to talk about themselves, their experiences, and their pride in their work, and will be highlighting them one day at a time.

Mabi Hernandez-Door Department Assembler

Mabi has been with KPS Global for almost three years now and has loved it from the beginning. “… Since day one, the supervisors and all the people here made me feel welcome and comfortable,” she recounts. “My favorite part of working for KPSG is doing the work for someone who cares about me… Everyone is very nice.”

Outside of work, Mabi loves her family and reminisces about her favorite vacation to Miami, where she travelled with her husband, children, and grandchildren, and was able to dedicate time to relax on the beach (with the occasional iguana visit!)

Veronica Barriga Castro -Thermostructure Material Handler

Veronica started her journey with KPS Global in November 2021. Her supervisor raves, “Veronica is one of our valued employees… She is always willing to help the team, greets everyone daily with a warm smile and a kind hello. We are truly fortunate to have Veronica as part of the KPS Conyers, Georgia team and we look forward to her future with us as it will be a bright one.”

Veronica herself finds KPS Global a welcome home. “What I like most about KPSG is the work environment. I like the people I work with, the supervisors are friendly and personal, and the leadership team is always willing to help you in any way possible.”

When not at work, Veronia loves to spend time with her family watching movies, citing Titanic as one of her favorites.

Vanessa Mendez- Indirect Laborer

Vanessa is a newer KPS Global team member, having only been with the company for one year, however in that time she has developed a name for herself. Her manager had nothing bad to say about her, only detailed how quickly she picks up on new skills, new challenges, and her continued desire to excel has set her apart from the rest. “She is always willing to learn and help others,” he says. “Vanessa has the eagerness to take on new roles to help expand her knowledge of manufacturing. We are excited to see what [she] will tackle next for us.”

Vanessa, from her own words, says, “my favorite part of working for KPSG is learning and the opportunity I have been given to grow… My hard work didn’t go unnoticed.”

Petronila Marzan De Peralta –Machine Operator in Feeder Cells Department

Petronila is another new addition to the KPS Global family, with just six months under her belt but has already shown that she is a great addition to the team. With her background in teaching, she has shown herself to be a quiet leader. Her advice for new hires is: “be ready to learn. I would tell them to come here with an open mindset, unafraid to ask questions or ask for help. I would also tell them to never say “this is not my job, so I don’t want to do it.” Even though what is being asked from you might not be your job, it would limit you from learning new skills and growing.”  

Misty Tate – Materials Manager

Last but not least, Misty has been with KPSG the longest out of our five women, with an amazing seven years at the company! Her manager has only wonderful things to say about her, “Misty is a hard dedicated worker. She has never shied away from any challenges. She is always willing to help any department in need… It is a pleasure to have her be a part of our team.”

“KPS has helped me with my career development over the years by working with co-workers from different departments and plants,” Misty says. “There is a lot to learn as everyone brings knowledge/skills on how this works at the end of the day.”

In her free time, Misty enjoys seeing her two “mini-me” daughters while she anticipates the arrival of the first grandchild and celebrates her youngest daughter’s recent promotion. She also enjoys listening to live music, working with animals, and assisting those in need.


As we shine a spotlight on the incredible women at KPS Global during Women’s History Month, we are inspired by their dedication and contributions to the manufacturing industry. Mabi Hernandez, Veronica Barriga Castro, Vanessa Mendez, Petronila Marzan De Peralta, and Misty Tate represent the diverse talents and experiences that make our KPS Global family strong. 

From assembly and material handling to indirect labor and machine operation, these women have shown resilience and enthusiasm in every role. We celebrate their achievements and commitment to excellence. Join us in acknowledging these remarkable women and remember to check back tomorrow for more highlights as we continue to showcase the outstanding women in manufacturing at KPS Global.

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