Every employee at KPS Global is a critical component of building walk-in coolers and delivering the best possible finished product. While most customers don’t talk to Luis “Pepe” Ramirez (Complex Line Lead), Luis Tapia (Dimensional Line Lead) and Jesus Leyva (Foam Lead), their work is integral at KPSG. We want to highlight the work they do and how they understand the importance of their work.

Luis Tapia

Dimensional Line Lead Luis Tapia serves as the critical first step of the panel-creation process. It’s important to start the production process on the right foot, and Luis helps KPSG do just that.

In particular, Luis loves to read prints and convert them into a real, tangible product ready to be used for critical things like food safety or blood banks.

As his role is early in the panel-building process, he ensures the quality of his work and his downstream colleagues have a smooth experience.

Luis “Pepe” Ramirez

Like Luis, Pepe is committed to ensuring his stage of the panel-making process is a key ingredient in the quality of the process as a whole.

As a Complex Line Lead, Pepe helps build more complex panels, making sure that the jobs get done efficiently and correctly the first time to save time and manpower.

When customers are happy, Pepe is happy.

Jesus Leyva

As a Foam Lead, he is the heart of the panel-making process, Jesus is passionate about ensuring jobs get through the foam stage accurately and efficiently, setting up his coworkers for continued success down the line.

For Jesus, his job is like one of his other passions – cooking. The foam process reminds him of baking, and he has a natural knack for making sure all the ingredients are in the right order to produce a perfect finished product.

Without Jesus’ dedication to his work, the entire process would slow significantly.

Pushing Forward Together

Jesus, Pepe and Luis are members of the KPSG family, though they’re only three of many team members that are critical to what KPSG accomplishes each and every day for customers.

As a result, KPSG is able to produce a product greater than the sums of the parts and continue to set the industry standard.

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