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At KPS Global, we offer more than walk-in coolers – we offer a variety of replacement equipment and aftermarket parts designed to help customers address wear and tear items. To make that happen, our aftermarket parts department is ready to help.

When our employees enjoy their work, it translates to high-quality finished products and services, leading to satisfied customers. There are two critical points in your aftermarket parts order – Customer Service and Shipping. We’ll talk to two folks in these departments, who will tell us why they love what they do.

Amy Leads the Effort to Connect Departments
As an aftermarket parts specialist, Amy Tyler says a critical part of her team’s success is having extensive knowledge and the willingness to do research to help the customer find an ideal solution for their need.

“We are the department customers call after they have been so frustrated by getting no information from other companies for parts they need,” Amy said. “It is rewarding to be told, ‘Thank you so much for your help!’”

Another key to her role is developing a true understanding of how each department relates to and integrates with one another. When employees learn how other departments truly function, she said “it allows for us to be proficient in many aspects rather than just knowledge in one department.”

As for why she loves her job, Amy said it’s rather simple – “I love helping people!”

Don Keeps Everything Running Smoothly
As a Shipping Team Lead, Don not only coordinates aftermarket parts orders, but also handles shipments for panel orders. Don is one of the few places in the organization where all the different components from each department come together in a shipment so that the end customer is satisfied with our product, regardless of if they are buying parts or panels. Without Don’s hard work, everyone else’s work would be for naught, as delivering on customers’ needs is the name of the game.

With such a key component of the KPSG process under his direction, Don said he loves being able to adapt and meet the daily obstacles that come his way. “I want to make sure the customer is 100% satisfied with what they receive, and I am one of the last lines of defense to make sure this happens before the customer receives it,” he said.

What does Don love his job? “Every day is different, and new challenges arise every day,” he said. “I really enjoy being able to answer employee questions as well as mentoring the newer employees.”

Together, KPSG Succeeds
Though Amy and Don work at opposite ends of the KPSG process, each is invaluable to our overall success.
When all of our employees bring the same positive attitude and commitment to customer satisfaction to their roles that Amy and Don do, KPSG is able to provide better and better solutions for customers.

To learn more about the solutions that our valued employees can help you find, visit

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