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Women In Manufacturing – San Dimas

Women In Manufacturing 2024 (2)

As we continue celebrating women behind the scenes of our walk in cooler and freezers manufacturing, KPS Global is proud to shine a spotlight on a few of our incredible women at our manufacturing plant in San Dimas, California.

Rose Gonzales – Metal Operator / Door Department

Rose’s focus at KPS Global is to cut the metal for doors for walk-in coolers and freezers, and also fold the metal and run the Euromac for jamb guards and kickplates. With the knowledge she has gained from her time with us, she has become an asset within our organization. She has a strong ethic and firmly believes “you have to work for what you want in life.”

Norma Arias – Material Handler

Having been with KPS Global for the last four and half years, Norma has been able to pick up a lot of useful lessons. “I have learned how to manage inventory in the company, how to complete orders correctly and keep records,” she says. “The experience I have gained is being able to relate to internal and external clients, giving them the best possible service.” She aims to reach a position where she “could teach and help employees in a better way for the progress of the company.”

Norma loves to read history books in her spare time and enjoys watching her favorite movie Beauty and the Beast.

Georgina Secaida – Receptionist

Georgina, A.K.A. “Mrs. G”, has worked with KPS Global for a little over a year. In this time, she has learned the importance of a work/life balance. She finds rewards in her work and is friendly with her colleagues. She has also been able to learn about the business and manufacturing process, allowing her to become a well of knowledge within the company. “It has helped me a lot working here,” she says, “which allows me the opportunity to interact with supervisors and managers and to grow within the company.”

Delta Saucedo - Housekeeping

Delta, A.K.A. KPS Global San Dimas’s “Mom”, has found a family working with us. She has pride in her work and emphasizes that feeling when she is recognized for her excellent work performance. She feels as though KPS Global has given her people that she appreciates in her life. She also says working at KPS Global has helped her with career because it has taught her “to work with all kinds of personalities and gaining new work-related knowledge from [her] work partners.”

Jamie Michopoulos – Account Manager

Jamie has been with KPS Global for three years now, and in that time has found herself with career goals. Jamie wishes to “advance into a managerial/supervisor role that [will] allow [her] to continue to challenge [her] skillset and open the door to new opportunities… I have developed a strong foundation of knowledge and am eager to continue learning.”

KPS Global pushes her to work towards this goal. “This role has challenged me to think differently,” she says. “Due to the changing environments and market shifts we must learn how to think fast, and problem solve… It has shown me the importance of working with a strong team and being strategic about decision making. I look forward to the continued success of our team and new opportunities coming our way.”

In her spare time, adrenaline-seeker Jamie likes to hike, jump out of planes, and zip line. She is also an avid football fan, being a Dallas Cowboys fan at heart, but loves to watch any game that’s on.


In conclusion, reflecting on our women in manufacturing this week has been a truly inspiring journey. We’ve had the privilege of shining a spotlight on remarkable women who significantly contribute to our company’s success in a major way. Their stories, achievements, and dedication serve as a testament to the incredible impact women are making in this field. Here’s to recognizing and honoring their invaluable contributions, not just during this special month, but throughout the year. Cheers to the women who continue to shape the future of manufacturing!

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