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When it comes to insulated panel systems, KPS Global, a walk-in supplier, stands out as an industry leader. While our products take the spotlight, it’s crucial to acknowledge our walk-in supplier network of vendors that help to make KPS Global successful.

Benefits of Being Vendor Agnostic

KPS Global is vendor agnostic, meaning we are not limited to one supplier per item. We have multiple vendors for each product to ensure that we have a variety of options for our customers.

This broad walk-in supplier network enables us to select the best components based on each project’s specifications by considering factors like cost, quality, and availability of materials. This flexibility allows us to customize solutions to meet specific project requirements and preferences of our customers.

Being vendor agnostic ideally mitigates possible challenges giving us the best chance for a reliable supply of materials. 

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Custom Needs? Not A Problem!

Different projects may demand unique specifications. With a range of vendors available to us in our walk-in supplier network, we customize our offerings to match specific project requirements. This level of flexibility ensures that our customers receive the best solutions.

Availability Of Components

Maintaining relationships with multiple vendors generally provides us with an advantage over other walk-in suppliers in the market. If one walk-in supplier faces delays or challenges, we can almost always seamlessly pivot to an alternative source, mitigating most disruptions in project timelines. This agility is crucial in us having the industry’s shortest lead times.

Supplier Summit

One of the ways KPS Global strengthens relationships with our numerous vendors is through our annual Supplier Summit. This event provides an excellent platform for our suppliers to engage with various internal stakeholders from KPS Global including outside sales, inside sales, quality teams and executives.

During the summit, we review where we were the previous year, where we are now and where we plan to take our company in the future and how we, KPSG and our suppliers can collaborate better together. The Supplier Summit is a great event to come together to share ideas and continue to build strong partnerships.


Through our gamut of vendors, we have the ability to source materials needed to take our customer’s projects and turn them into a finished product.  Being vendor agnostic provides protection to our customers that our products have the shortest lead times and will arrive on time. 

The walk-in supplier network of KPS Global isn’t merely a behind-the-scenes operation, it’s a strategic advantage that resonates throughout our company and onto our customers. As we continue to serve our customers, the relationships forged with our vendors remain an integral part of our success story.

Interested in becoming one of our suppliers? Learn more here.

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