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What You Need to Know About Fire Ratings


Whether building commercial or residential structures, building code specifies standards for fire ratings that include walk-in coolers and freezers. KPS Global® was an early adopter of safety protocols to provide superior products to our customers because a company’s manufacturing process speaks volumes about their business strategy.

The quality control process asserted during manufacturing will determine the durability and performance of an insulated panel. If substandard processes take place during panel fabrication, panels can delaminate, which will lead to reduced insulative performance and an unsafe environment.  Reputable panel manufacturers submit their products to the fire rating process.

The Fire Rating Process Explained
Companies submit their insulated panels to a third party for burn ratings. Panels will be certified only if they fall below the threshold numbers for two categories: flame spread and smoke development. In addition to these two categories, third party organizations measure burning characteristics, fire ratings for insulated panels and ceilings and corner wall flammability.  Each of these tests ensure building materials will comply with safety standards in building codes.

Another key fire test relevant to industrial applications is FM 4880. This Factory Mutual certification is very challenging to obtain so KPSG is very proud of its achievement of that certification for its panels. The certification provides several benefits to customers, but most importantly, insurance discounts.

As the industry-leading manufacturer of insulated panel systems, KPS Global is proud to sell quality products that meet demanding safety requirements. To learn more about how KPS Global can provide your company with insulated panel solutions click here.

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