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Walk-In Freezer Maintenance Checks

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It’s important to know how to look for the signs that will tell you if your walk-in need repairs or maintenance work, these quick Walk-In Freezer Maintenance Checks will keep you in business.

Assessing your Walk-in for damage or wear and tear

All walk-in coolers and freezers experience wear and tear over the years, which slowly chips away on its effectiveness and useful life. Doing regular maintenance checks on your walk-ins can extend the life of the unit.

In this article, we will explore  elements of a walk-in freezer that needs to be checked regularly:

1. Doors

Walk-in freezer manufacturers note that the most recurring reason for repair is damaged doors. You can have a unit with no issues but a door that has wear and tear and is not sealing properly for example will decrease the performance of the walk-in.Replacing manufactured doors is relativelyIf your walk-in freezer is in a high traffic area and used frequently, it might be worth considering adding kick plates to the doors to protect the door.

2. Flooring

A walk-in freezer floor is Often times overlooked. Manufacturers create a variety of flooring types that are designed to handle different kinds of weight loads.. One common cause of floor damage is liquid spills, which can cause it to separate the flooring from the insulated panels. When it comes to repairing a freezer’s floor, it usually requires the complete removal of the original or overlaying it with new flooring on top.

3. Walls

Requests  to repair walk-in freezer walls happen less frequently compared to doors and flooring. Nevertheless, it should still be checked for damages. Look for signs of damage from fork lifts as well as icing.  Occasionally, we see issues as a result of food spills. Certain food products, such as acidic vegetables and salty seafood, can corrode your wall panels if they’re not stored correctly. 


A walk-in freezer can last up to 15 years if you give it the right care and maintenance as long as you know the signs to watch out for in preventing severe damages.

At KPS Global, we provide – factory walk-in freezer parts to help in maintaining their units. Browse through our products today and purchase door hardware, heater wires, jamb guards, and more for your freezer’s maintenance needs!

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