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Virtual kitchens have transformed how the food industry functions, leaning into modern customer demands to dine at home while propelling savvy restauranteurs and their brands forward. However, for virtual kitchens to deliver restaurant-quality meals, the necessary equipment is a must, and few are as essential as a walk-in cooler.

KPS Global knows the key to providing customer satisfaction in the food world is keeping ingredients fresh and refrigerated – especially with virtual kitchens that slim down service for food taste and quality –making walk-in coolers the heart of all these operations.

What Are Virtual Kitchens?

Virtual kitchens – also called ghost kitchens or dark kitchens – are stripped-down versions of a restaurant, focusing on food creation while cutting costs on real estate and customer service labor by eliminating in-house dining. Think of the changes in dining habits in the last couple of years with the pandemic, the increase of food trucks and ordering meals to go, virtual kitchens have offered a solution to restaurants.

To accomplish this, food prep had to evolve.

REEF Kitchens

A clear example of this mold-breaking business model is REEF Kitchens.

REEF works with restauranteurs and their staff to create custom virtual kitchens that have everything needed to prepare signature meals. They’re taking the ghost kitchen concept to heart, focusing on the location-specific needs so restaurateurs don’t have to worry about finding expensive real estate; Instead they are giving their customers exciting food options that otherwise would not be available.

REEF Kitchen projects can be found in various metropolitan areas throughout the US, keeping food culture alive and pushing it to new heights, offering neighborhoods affordable meals that can easily be picked up to enjoy at home while streaming a new movie or favorite show.

Custom Walk-In Coolers for Virtual Kitchens

But because all virtual kitchens have individual demands, one of the cornerstones of this process is building one-of-a-kind walk-in coolers to provide made-to-order cold storage options.

This is where KPS Global steps in. KPS Global’s industry-standard custom walk-in coolers and freezers are the pulse of a horde of ghost kitchens that are revolutionizing the restaurant game. Using insulated panels, KPS Global creates custom walk-in solutions for virtual kitchens by being flexible in the design and layout. In all the options, the key is a streamline kitchen for efficiency. Keeping the prep areas the focus with a small area for delivery drivers or customer pickup areas.

Virtual Kitchens - by KPS Global

Chefs and restauranteurs have pushed their way to the forefront of an otherwise traditional market with ghost or dark kitchens where food is the focus. Find out how KPS Global walk-in coolers equip virtual kitchens to help them serve their communities efficiently and give neighborhoods access to food in new ways.

Reach out to KPS Global to find out how we can help build your ghost kitchen to material specs.

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