Having a high-functioning, efficient, and reliable cooler is critical to running a productive business therefore, choosing the right cooler supplier is key.

In this blog, we will outline several considerations for choosing the right cooler supplier.

Factors to Consider

1. Warranty

 One of the most important aspects of buying any new piece of machinery is the warranty. Finding an item that is built to last and has the warranty backing to prove it is certainly a positive aspect of both the piece and the company. Limited warranties are often the most common type of warranty. It’s important to look at the details. What does the warranty cover? How long does the warranty last? Does it include installation?

2. Quality

When purchasing a new piece of equipment, price and quality are two aspects at the top of most customers’ minds. Finding a long-lasting, quality cooler means ensuring ease of mind in the storage and cAdditionally, high-quality coolers have high ROI – no need to continually-invest in cheap, inexpensive coolers when you have a cooler built for the long-term.ooling process. The better the quality, the less stress and worry you’ll have.

3. Price

Price is of course a top factor in the decision process. You don’t want something absurdly expensive that has low-quality output. Neither do you want something inexpensive that continually breaks down. But with a plethora of choices out there, finding the best bang for your buck is easy. When considering purchasing a cooler, look into the quality as well as the price. What is your maximum budget? What factors do you want to include in that price? Installation? Electricity costs? Do you need a custom build? There are many pricing factors that go into incorporating a new cooler into your business. Make sure to get estimates, do your research, and have a budget.

4. Delivery

Delivery is often an after-thought to the purchasing process. But it shouldn’t be. How fast can the product be delivered to your location? What is the installation timeline? Do you have to pay for
delivery? What logistical factors need to be incorporated? Who handles the delivery? Where is it coming from? Does the company have multiple locations? Find the answers to the above questions before purchasing the product. Make sure the delivery process is clearly laid out for ease of mind and ease of process.

5. Lead Times

Lead time is the amount of time it takes from the start of the process until its conclusion. Finding a production timeline that fits with your schedule and delivers on-time is critical to the purchasing process. In an increasingly jumbled supply chain, lead times have become a critical factor in purchasing power. Consider how long the lead time is when purchasing. What is the maximum, cumulative lead time? Does this include shipping time? What is the material lead time? What is the production and manufacturing lead time?  Often, companies with multiple plants are able to deliver more efficiently than those with a singular location. Find a company that can deliver within the pre-set expectations and communicate efficiently throughout the entire process.

6. Certifications

Having a third party indicate positive interactions and quality of the company is generally a good indicator of high quality products and business. There are a variety of certifications available
for cooler suppliers to obtain. For instance, food safety must be a top priority for companies to incorporate into their products. To certify the product is compliant with health standards, the NSF certification is a must-have. Be sure to check what other safety mechanisms and certifications the products have. Check the company website or contact the company for more information. Make sure the product is up to building code standards and has certification to prove it.

Why Choose US?

KPS Global is the leading cooler supplier for cam-lock panels and have in-house design and engineering to build coolers to spec. to fit your every need. We offer both indoor and outdoor walk-in cooler solutions, built to last. Our products are NSF certified and go through extensive testing to ensure compliance with building code requirements.

With an aftermarket parts department offering OEM products, you know you are getting quality replacement parts and with over 800 employees working in our five locations, we set the bar when it comes to rolling out programs across the country.

We’re here to solve problems and create solutions. Through our collaborative design process and streamlined build, KPS Global represents the best of the best, and we have the knowledge and expertise to find the perfect solution for your project.

Contact us today to get started.

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