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University Walk In Applications

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University walk in applications span many uses and areas of campus as universities have a diverse need for temperature-controlled environments. Walk ins extends far past walk in coolers and freezers for universities as they offer a solution for many applications.

Today’s universities utilize walk ins that are made out of insulated metal panel systems for food services such as dining hall food storage, scientific applications such as testing rooms, moisture-free rooms for research facilities and much more.

With so many different needs for walk in applications across universities, it is important to understand the differences of each as well as the endless possibilities available.

In this blog you will learn the many options available for walk-in applications for universities as well as the many benefits and opportunities available.

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What Is A Walk In?

Walk ins are a space made of insulated metal panels that securely lock together to provide an area where environmental factors such as temperature, moisture and sanitation can easily be controlled. A key differentiator of a walk in vs traditional reach in is that a walk in must have enough space to physically occupy within the unit. 

Walk in applications such as walk in coolers, walk in freezers, testing chambers, equipment enclosures and more differ from reach in coolers as walk ins have an access point for employees to enter and stock merchandise or access the contents from inside the unit.

Factors like temperature, humidity and size are important to the specific application as they are driven by the contents being stored.

Walk in applications include the storage of food that requires cold temperatures, testing rooms that require no moisture in the air, and even research facilities that require cleanrooms.

Where Can You Find Walk Ins Across University Campuses?

University campuses utilize walk ins for a variety of uses and can be found in multiple applications from food service to research facilities. Other walk in applications for universities include:

  • Dining Halls/Cafeterias
  • Stadiums and Arenas
  • Scientific Centers
  • Art and Historical Preservation
  • Health Clinics

Dining Halls and Cafeterias

Walk in applications for dining halls and cafeterias are traditionally walk in coolers and walk in freezers used in dining halls and food service areas as they are often used to store large quantities of food to meet the demands needed to feed the student population, three times a day, every day.

Universities serve thousands of students daily, with many universities such as Purdue University serving nearly 16,000 meals a day. With this demand, it is no surprise universities have a great need for walk ins.  Unlike reach-in coolers, walk-ins allow for bulk storage to ensure large food demands can be met quickly and efficiently.

Walk in coolers and freezers for food service at universities are manufactured in a variety of sizes spanning to full refrigerated warehouses based on the need. These walk ins are customized to fit each unique need including size, organization, design and more.

Stadiums and Arenas

Traditional walk ins are a great choice for sports stadiums including university stadiums and arenas as they offer bulk storage of items that require specific temperature for storage and preservation. Walk ins for university stadiums store products between the temperatures of 32 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit and allow products to be stocked within the unit itself.

With thousands of fans filling stadiums and arenas week after week at university sporting events, it is not surprising their need for walk in coolers is significant. At Syracuse’s Wireless Dome, home of the University of Syracuse basketball team, more than 20,000 fans will fill the seats each game, and more than 400,000 each season. To fulfill the food, beverage, and other concession stand needs, university walk ins are installed for bulk storage of items.

*Walk In Beer Cooler For University Stadium

While some universities have been selling alcohol at university sporting events for many years, it wasn’t until August of 2019 the SEC, one of the largest conferences in college sports, lifted the ban on alcohol sales In stadiums. With this addition, came the need for walk in beer coolers.

Walk in beer coolers for universities provide a safe and efficient way for bulk storage of keg beer with direct draft beer systems, as well canned beer, ensuring nice cold beers for any sporting event.

Science Centers

A Common but often forgotten use of walk ins at universities are for the use of scientific applications such as testing chambers, cold rooms, grow rooms and more. These applications are an aid for the use of educational and research purposes among the students and staff.

Many pharmaceutical and life sciences programs require walk ins as they require specific storage needs to store or test items at precise temperatures, humidity levels, as well as clean spaces.

High quality panel construction of walk-ins allows the operator to control the temperature, humidity level, and sanitation depending on the purpose providing an ideal environment for research or scientific studies.

Walk Ins For Art, Photography & Historical Preservation

Universities are known for the preservation and storage of priceless art and historical artifacts. These items are often made from organic materials that are very delicate making them vulnerable to damage from temperature, moisture, light, and other contaminants.

Walk ins are installed at universities to protect these items from damage and deterioration in the archival process.

Due to the complex nature of preservation for art and historical artifacts, custom walk-ins are specifically designed with varying specifications to meet the exact needs of the university walk in.

Want to learn more about art preservation check out our case study with The Amon Carter Museum here.

Walk ins For University Health Clinics

University health clinics require strict regulations requiring the use of a walk in cooler or freezer to meet US Department of Health stands and UL safety provisions. 

Walk In coolers for university health clinics are used to store a variety of items that require temperature controlled environments including medication and blood samples.

The Benefits of Walk Ins For University Applications

Walk ins for temperature-controlled environments provide multiple benefits for university applications. First, walk ins provide adequate storage space that can support the demands of the student and faculty populations – not only for serving them but also supporting research and testing experiments during their course of study.

Walk ins can be customized to meet the exact specifications and requirements of the intended applications as well as designed for indoor or outdoor use for buildings that need more physical space.

KPSG Walk In Solutions For Universities

At KPS Global, we have been providing solutions for universities across the United States for decades. With five strategically located manufacturing plants and a versatile product offering we have the resources to meet the varying demands of campuses across the country. We specialize in providing customized solutions and by utilizing in-house design and engineering teams, we can provide high-quality solutions designed to exact customer specifications. Universities can utilize KPS Global to design, manufacture, restore and install any walk-in needs across campus.

Want to learn more? Contact a KPS Global expert to learn more about our panel solutions.

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