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Case Study: Amon Carter Museum of American Art

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Art storage requires careful climate control for preservation as art is typically stored between 50-70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Improperly stored art can actually be damaged by temperature and humidity. Climate-controlled storage gives collectors peace of mind as to the state of art, and the extra space out of the public display areas can allow museums to rotate collections or loan art to other institutions.

Many collectors and museums house their collections underground in a climate-controlled vault maximizing storage space and museum display opportunities. While logical, this type of storage does pose challenges for navigating the constraints of buildings when designing and installing climate controlled storage.

The KPS Global® Solution
KPS Global stepped up to the task with a custom built, detailed design for an underground storage chamber designed to expand Amon Carter’s storage capacity and allow the museum to more properly store their photographs collection.

KPS Global designers worked with Scientific Climate Systems and museum staff to create a custom solution-complete with panels carefully measured to fit into an elevator system for assembly in an underground space.

Working with the constraints of the facility proved challenging but every obstacle was accounted for and the system was installed successfully.

“The Amon Carter Museum of American Art is home to one of the key collections of American photography in the country. Through this expansion project, the museum is able to increase our storage space by one-third, allowing for continued growth and preservation of the renowned collection for future generations.” – Andrew J. Walker, Amon Carter Museum of American Art Executive Director.

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