With a paint grip finish, retailers can match existing aesthetics inside a store.

Walk-ins are a major component of a store or restaurant layout, and incorporating your walk-ins into the theme of the store can be a part of the design process. One of the finishes that KPS Global® offers to incorporate your design needs is paint grip. Paint grip is a finish that allows end users to paint the panels, as with standard panels, paint doesn’t adhere to the surface. KPS Global provides an extensive offering of panel finishes, offering true customization in a variety of colors, textures and characteristics (including paint grip!) to ensure your walk-in will not only meet the demands of day to day use, but also match or enhance the décor.

To create paint grip steel, galvanized steel is immersed in a phosphate bath followed by a chromate dry, producing bonderized steel—another term for paint grip steel. The end result acts as an ideal primer surface for paint.

Implementing an exact paint color match with company colors or designs allows a business to better incorporate logos or to simply stay consistent with its brand. At KPS Global, selecting a custom paint grip steel finish does not introduce issues with manufacturing, although it does extend lead times.

Understanding Paint Grip

Today’s businesses want consistent branding when it comes to design, making custom designs the new norm across a span of industries. KPS Global can support custom specifications when it comes to aesthetics, including color, pattern, texture and characteristics. As a result, a walk-in cooler that not only makes the best use of available square footage, but also makes sense aesthetically is now feasible. This is especially important when the exterior portion of a walk-in is visible to customers, so assimilating it into its surroundings can be critical to creating that flawless design.

When investing in an asset so critical to your operations, you must ensure you’re picking the right product. That begins with choosing the right partner for the design and installation. KPS Global is uniquely qualified to deliver custom walk-in solutions. More than just providing a high-quality product, KPSG differentiates itself from the competition through its collaboration with each customer to customize panels to their specific needs.

To learn more about custom walk-ins, click here.

Image Credit: Photo by Malte Luk from Pexels

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