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The Importance of Purchasing Quality Replacement Parts

Door Parts

Buying replacement parts for an insulated panel system can be a difficult task when faced with so many options. When searching for replacement parts it can be tempting to turn to companies that provide cheaper options. Although these products may seem to be the same as KPS Global® or other brand name products, they may not be. Often, buying an equivalent part creates a short-term fix that ends up resulting in more repairs requiring more time and money.

Buying the Wrong Part

A common problem that occurs when companies buy replacement parts is buying the wrong part. It can be tricky to know what part to buy, especially when it comes to more complex parts. As a result, when customers turn to equivalent part suppliers they may end up buying the wrong part. Every panel system is designed differently and there is not one uniform solution for all each repair. For example, there are many different styles of door gaskets that fit different types of doors. Parts suppliers most likely only offer a few generic types of products and limited options forcing you to choose apart on your own and you risk buying an incorrect part.

Quality vs Price

Not all aftermarket parts are created equal, especially when it comes to quality. When choosing to buy a cheaper option you may receive a product that is lower in quality. As a result, it may not work correctly or may break down easier. It is extremely important to understand this risk when it comes to larger replacement items such as manufactured doors. For instance, lower quality doors may not perform to factory standards and could drastically reduce the condition of a walk-in. When it comes time to buy a replacement part focus on quality and durability first.  When replacing a vital part to a panel system price becomes less important. In fact, it will be more expensive to fix the part again if it is the wrong part or does not work properly. 

Benefits of Buying KPSG Parts

Why should you buy KPS Global Parts if you can possibly buy the same parts online? The answer comes down to these three things:

1. Customized Replacement Parts

We are not a “one-size fits all company”. Whether you are purchasing a gasket or a bigger ticket item such as a manufactured door, we make sure to get the correct dimensions and specifications of your existing walk-in so the replacement is a perfect fit.

2. High-Quality Parts

KPS Global only uses the highest quality materials and suppliers to ensure our customers are receiving a replacement part that’s built to last. Our replacement parts are designed to be reliable and durable to keep your panel system running smoothly.  

3. Expert Parts Team

Our parts team is full of dedicated experts who can make sure you find the correct replacement part. We are a cold storage solution manufacturer, so our parts department is designed with complete knowledge of panel systems. So, our customers can rest assured knowing that our parts catalog has been intentionally designed with that knowledge in mind.

At KPS Global®, we offer more than walk-in coolers and freezers – we offer a variety of replacement equipment and aftermarket parts designed to help address wear and tear on walk-in products. To make that happen, our aftermarket parts department is ready to help

Providing exceptional customer service and satisfying our customers’ needs is our top priority. If you do not know which part you need or if you do not see an item listed on our website or catalog, please call us at 682.317.5355 or email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you with your replacement parts needs.

To contact the parts department or for more information on our parts please visit our parts page. Our parts department provides solutions for any walk-in.

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