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Consumer trends have evolved, and more and more customers are placing online and delivery orders. Restaurants and food service companies have turned towards creating separate kitchens that handle these demands. There are two different concepts for these separate kitchens, ghost kitchens and virtual kitchens. This blog will provide details that explain the differences between ghost kitchens and virtual kitchens as well as how KPS Global helps both concepts.

What are Ghost Kitchens?

Ghost Kitchens are a type of kitchen dedicated for delivery only meals. Restaurants can use ghost kitchens to separate dine-in orders from online and delivery orders. Implementing a ghost kitchen can help restaurants manage orders more efficiently and increase the capacity for more orders. Ghost kitchens are usually operating in an off-premise kitchen rather than inside a restaurant. As a result, ghost kitchens can house one-delivery only brand or multiple separate brands. 

What are Virtual Kitchen?

Virtual kitchens are a similar concept to ghost kitchens but are slightly different. For example, virtual kitchens are typically new brands that typically run out of existing kitchens. For instance, if you go on door dash or uber eats you can find brands you are not familiar with such as “It’s Just Wings”. Thus, they  give brands the opportunity to showcase menu items and tailor towards certain customer segments. Unlike ghost kitchens, virtual kitchens are often run-in the same restaurant of the original brand.

Create a Virtual or Ghost Kitchen with KPSG

Both ghost kitchens and virtual kitchens require refrigeration and freezer equipment. The purpose of these new kitchen designs is to meet delivery and take out needs in a timely fashion. The location of equipment is vital to the performance of these kitchens. Therefore, the kitchen and refrigeration equipment should be designed for efficiency and quick service. At KPS Global we can provide customized refrigeration and freezer solutions for ghost and virtual kitchens. We can provide excellent in-house engineers and designers who can customize the perfect kitchen for whichever purpose you may have.

Want to learn more about ghost kitchens and virtual kitchens? Visit our website. If you would like to discuss how KPS Global can assist ghost kitchen and virtual kitchen owners, contact us.

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