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 Doors on equipment enclosures help with insulation, fireproofing, and easy access for loading and unloading equipment. There are two door options commonly used for equipment enclosures, commercial metal doors and rollup doors. One key factor that drives the decision for the appropriate door is the location of the enclosure.   

With areas of high winds, we recommend using wind-rated doors; they are used for any type of environment that will experience winds over 130 mph.  KPS Global can reinforce specific sizes of doors to make them windproof. A 5.1-inch thick frame is added around the doors for extra support.  

Reinforced door closers are added to each side to ensure the wind doesn’t keep the doors open and damage equipment inside the equipment enclosure.  Lastly, we reinforce both doors with a push bar making both doors fully functional.  

In this blog we will explore several door options for equipment enclosures that are available to help guide you to the best door option available for your equipment enclosure.

Commercial Metal doors

Commercial metal doors are a common choice for equipment enclosures that require the frequent movement of equipment. These doors offer customization options including single or double doors. For example, commercial metal doors allow for easy access moving out non working pump house equipment or bringing in a new equipment. 

Commercial metal doors have many different customizations available for equipment enclosures.  When ordering this kind of door, you can order either one or two door sets. 

Single leaf doors come standard in 3’0″x 7’0″ or 4’0″x7’0″. When buying two doors, the available dimensions of both doors are while double leaf doors come standard as 6’0″ x 6’0″, 7’0″ x 7’0″ or 8’0″ x 8’0″. 

Commercial doors come with a removable center beam for easy customization. Consumers are can customize the color and the texture of the door. Our most popular colors are tan and white. 

Two Metal doors for entrance and exit of equipment enclosures

Rolling steel doors

Rolling steel doors are made of galvanized steel slats that connect to form a metal garage-like shroud.  These doors coil up when they are opened to use the least amount of space when opened.  

Rolling steel doors typically come in tan and white but can be customizable to other colors. Rolling Steel doors are also used for moving equipment in and out of the enclosures with ease. 

If space efficiency is a concern, rolling steel doors for equipment enclosures might be the right door option.

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Fiberglass Reinforced Doors

Fiberglass Reinforced doors are lightweight and durable, but we do not recommend using them for equipment enclosures.

How To Choose An Equipment Enclosure Door

To choose the appropriate door for an equipment enclosure, designers and engineers must take each project specification and the environment where the enclosure will be placed into consideration as these drive additional requirements.

Locations prone to high winds require wind rated doors due to their ability to protect the equipment within the enclosure of winds over 130 mph.

Reinforced doors for high wind locations are available to meet specific wind load requirements. These doors offer a 5.1-inch thick frame that is added around the doors for extra support. Door closers are also added to each side to ensure the wind doesn’t keep the doors open and damage equipment within. Lastly, doors are reinforced with a push bar making both doors fully functional.

Rolling steal and commercial metal doors both offer wind ratings and reinforcement however each wind rating is different and should be considered when choosing between doors.


In conclusion, the appropriate door for any equipment enclosure requires significant consideration as they impact security, accessibility, and overall functionality of the equipment enclosure and equipment within. Whether a commercial metal door or rolling steel door, it is important that location, function, and operation are considered. 

Working with designers and engineers like those at KPS Global provides peace of mind knowing that your equipment enclosure will be equipped with the proper doors to meet all building code and environmental considerations. Contact us today to learn more about our equipment enclosure doors.

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